The if you troll internet, you need help thread


Hi there peeps,

Since the pandemic, I have been surfing porn far too much and masturbating like a penguin. Yes, penguins masturbate.

Looking forward to sharing with you over the cumming months.


Well I guess you’ve traded up which knobs youre twiddling lol. Welcome.


Yeah, I bought a Mackie big knob.


Is this normal?


Is what normal? The lack of activity? Is so, yes, the forum is quite slow these days.


Quite? Understatement of the century. :rofl:

Relic by name and nature? How long have you been around?


Way too long :wink:


That’s what your mum said to me when …


In the end, we all get held accountable for our actions. There is no escaping it. What goes round comes round.


Like trump and hunter biden





What happened here?


old member who got banned for being a troll coming back and trolling


Seems to be a pastime of theirs. If youre reading this, hello, “stop it, get some help” micheal jordan


The really sad part is these people are like my age…like you really still doing this at between 30-40 years old? I’m not saying in the last 10 years I haven’t trolled someone…but like…damn son.


mental health awareness lol


I need some my own self so I’m not judging…but for real…no joke…lol


How to mental health…

Its different for everyone.
No one has the right answer…for your situation
Its just something you figure out how to come to terms with on your own with proper guidance.

Internet isnt the way to go…

Working and going outside to improve your situation is the way to go.


For real, like touch some grass or something.


Oh by the way im the one that renamed the thread…

I thought that it would be more on topic.

Too much internet turns people into psycho.