The IDMf supergroup project


I’m new here so I got zero rapport here but I can create melodies. I’ve produced Trance and Chill Out music for more than a decade, genres that are emphasized on melody creation.


Would still like to pick this thing up again @Vlantis !


if this is still happening, what parts if any are missing? I can do a few things , depending.


I’d be interested. I can do cool, moody pads and weirdness, I got my mood so I can do rhythm, bass, squelchy high stuff.


I believe you have Vlant’s preemptive blessing to go for it amongst yourselves.


I would attempt to organize it but I’m new to this place and a project like this requires a leap of faith. If a forum veteran wants to run an alternative project from Vlantis, I’m down.


I feel like there was a stem around, or something that we all started building on. Although there was a private message thread that kind of mimicked this one and I think that’s where any specific activity went in.

We could always do a bit of a snowball momentum for one of this, I can post some drums or just a synthline or something, and anyone can ante up to take it and add a layer of instrumentation and repost it, and so on and so forth.


I think the first step is gather in private place where chatting can take place, like Facebook messenger or Line app. or Discord. Then we find out what style of music are we comfortable making. Then we can determine the way we can make this work.


Just PM all the users you want to talk to. Go to your profile on the top right, click the letter envelope, hit new message and it’s basically a thread to work in by invite only. Just add the users you’ve been talking to here. By default, you and everyone in the PM will be emailed an alert every time it’s responded to, so they’ll see it even if they haven’t logged in for a bit.


Yep, like white noise said - our messaging system here is basically a private thread.

Also, I’m not sure if you were aware but we do have a really active IDMf discord. :slight_smile:


I’ve got so much going on atm…but in case I can squeeze another thing in…

If melody is needed; I’m good at that.



Well I joined it.