The IDMf supergroup project

Continuing my idea spawned from the Cross IDMf arist remix thread, I will just go ahead and quote myself to save time:

There are a couple of members I have in mind (@Jazzyspoon would be amazing at the atmospheric stuff), but anybody is welcome to chime in.

If people seem interested, I will do what I can in organizing this and getting it together.


All about this. I think I would be best suited for drums or percussive elements, maybe some mastering and/or FX additions.

I can also diddle some pretty good melodies and rhythms some time, but if we are talking roles, the drums are my jam :slight_smile:

Count me in!

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I pretty much figured you would be down to do drums, considering your photos in the pic thread;. :stuck_out_tongue:
If Mindsweeper was still around, I would hit her up for some leads. Not sure who around here loves making strong leads, but some guitar playing would be cool, and I know some people here can do it.

Something tells me @Fidelium could play a part if he was down, but what part that would be, I’m not sure.

@chasedobson is also very talented.

But anybody who wants to help out is welcome! I stress that it could be a pretty fun break from trying to take on all aspects of songwriting yourself, and I think a lot of people here have the chops to do some great work.

I’ve chosen the WIP that I want to use. :wink:

Let’s see if this idea builds some momentum.

There should be like 3-5 supergroups and at the end of the QAWM they all do a battle of the bands match

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Yeah, this isn’t limited to just one group. I figured it could splinter off into little things depending on people’s tastes or online rapport with each other.

At the moment, I could take on organizing one just to get it going. If others want to use this space to start their own thing, I’m all for it.

I think one WIP per member would be a great way to spread out some ideas and keep everything on an equal ground (and keep the tracks to a manageable level), but there’s no hard and fast rule. If somebody wants to help out without sharing any music first, that’s perfectly fine.

I’ve got a track I wrote a few years ago with a funk bassline I really like, and one section in particular that sounds pretty cool to me, but I’ve never done anything with it. I’d be more than happy sharing it with a group and ripping out 90% of it.

Remixes are cool, but this could be a truly collaborative project. I would love nothing more than to write bass riffs for tunes I didn’t intimately know every aspect of, and I’m hoping the idea intrigues others. Basically a “band,” but without any of that pesky real world practice stuff, mixed with some cool electronic music sensibilities. The best of both worlds!

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This project also offers up a one-and-done aspect which may also take some pressure off (aaaaaand I just realized the sexual connotation of that term. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Do your part on a few tracks and move on.

You can solely focus on one aspect of a piece.

(I’m sounding like a broken record, but I’m trying to motivate! :stuck_out_tongue: )

And if anybody is concerned about file-sharing in this age of everything-is-a-clusterfuck, the tried and true Mediafire is still going strong and looking like it has since the early 2000’s. :stuck_out_tongue: Google Drive seems awesome too, from what I’ve seen. Everything else sucks now.

If anybody uses other bullshit-free sites, chime in. Just getting on Skype to record Fid’s little podcast thing was a nightmare, so I don’t want technical shit to get in the way. gives out 50GB free IIRC. Google Drive is 15GB, and signing up for a one-off account is super quick. Dropbox (free) only sucks due to the 2GB cap, but $10 gets you 1TB on both GD and DB respectively.

So we are clear here:

are we just coming up with parts, and then adding them to this thread? or how are we going about starting these “super produced” songs?


This thread is to gauge interest, and if enough members seem interested, I will start a private message thread once I get another member, start work on something, then send that to other people if they’re interested and build it a bit more, or go all in if I get enough responses. I’d like to keep everything private, though.

Right now I’m thinking four or five members. Bass, percussion, leads, maybe guitar, and all the other stuff. I have appointed myself bass (and vocals, depending), Nostromer on perc, and that’s it so far. We can take on more than one role if needed, but I think limiting it to one or two would be best.

This all makes sense in my head, maybe I should make a video better describing what I imagine.

I think the results would be really interesting.

For private correspondence, are you thinking DMs here, discord, hangouts or something of the like @Vlantis ?

Just FYI, the private message system is pretty advanced here if you all want to use it. It basically is just like a thread, but private. You can go back an edit messages after the fact etc.

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I knew it was easy to use, but didn’t know you could edit stuff. Even better.

I could be into doing some guitars on this, if there is appetite. Probably ambiant post rock type sounds if anyone is interested.


Yes, this is what I’m talking about! I was just about to post this post rock supergroup track as an example of something that was made in exactly the same way that I’m trying to describe. No studio time together, just stuff shared over long distances (and released in 2000 back when this took REAL effort).

This project is making sense, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to reiterate how much fun it is to be able to completely indulge in a single aspect of the songwriting process instead of having to worry about every little thing on a track. :+1:

Anybody interested?

@nose is on board for drums and possibly @jbvdb493 on guitar. I can start a private convo with them and see how it goes and try to recruit more people after that gets started, but I’m just checking before then.

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Might be fun to just go ahead and get started, we can always posts the WIP here, see if someone has an idea for a part they want to add and jump aboard :slight_smile:

Alrighty, I will get my wip prepared and message you in a bit.

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Oh shit just found this. Nice beard @Vlantis

I can do melodies, on trumpet or synths or whatever!