The IDMf supergroup project


Okay, we got a melody guy! :stuck_out_tongue:

@nostromer and myself are currently working on something, and @jazzyspoon is on board but hasn’t started yet because I’m waiting for nostromer’s part before showing him. I was thinking I was going to have to entice people once we got some stuff done, but if you’re on board, I will send you the layers to the WIP that is being worked on (it’s only three layers, nothing crazy).

Trumpet would be amazing.


Going to be laying out all the drums this weekend, stay posted :slight_smile: I think they will turn out awesome!! I have it all laid out in my head <3


I can play regular styles of bass, guitar and can sing in a few styles*, but what I’d really be more excited about contributing to something like this is either

  • I have a crazy amount of effects pedals and can get some real wacky Tom Morello style bits. Ring mods, wave table resynthesis, expression pitch and stuff…
  • I have had a decades long habit of sampling random sounds, from carrying around a Zoom recorder to elaborate multisamples of a junk pile, washer dryer set, stuff like that.

For the guitar, it would be best if you already had the chord or riff structure. I guess you may if you have a bass, but maybe it is not roots.
For the percussion and trash atmosphere, best if I had the basic kick snare hat/whatever high thing, because I think most of these work best to accentuate those things.

*This is all me except the female vocals.
higher and smoother

lower and grumblier

More of a talking style


The WIP we’re working on now has this classic rock riff breakdown thing that I made, which kind of reminds me of Rage, but no proper guitar (I tracked a midi guitar over it for the time being). I’ll send you the track and see what you think of it.


Hey, I d like to check it out too if there’s no objection.
Or maybe add parts once there’s guitars done.


Alrighty, I’m finessing my WIP before I start a proper private chat. Nostromer has an earlier version, but it won’t affect his part.

I’m messaging Jazzy right now telling him that I was eyeballing you for possible mixing and mastering. :wink:

Let me get this thing started a bit before adding TOO many members. Dayum, this thing’s heating up! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mixing and mastering! Me?
Nope, I’ll do guitars tho!


Whoops! I had you confused with @TvMcC.

Sweet, we got two guitar guys. :+1:


I hope the :guitar: amps go to eleven!

or no bed time snack for you!

Thanks fort the mention? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmm this does sound like fun.from your point of view,what could i contribute?
im pretty good w/melodies and rhythms. dunno.but i am interested!


I can do bass if you guys want. If real bass is even needed.


I could do lo-fi (or not very) glitches and processed foley things


At the moment, I’ve got a private group thing going with enough members which is still taking baby steps, so I will restate what I said before: Even though I started this thread, it’s not only for my project, so don’t be afraid to reach out to people who show interest. Go get a project going! :metal:



If this is still happening, I’d love to offer some drum editing and attempts at melody to something. Possibly keys…just sayin

EDIT- The aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stays because I was apparently hitting it as I hit whatever.


How about we merge this project and the IDMf “date night” in one single release?


I got no problem with that. :+1:

I think I should have named this thread “Form your own IDMf supergroup!” because I’m still waiting to see if other projects get off the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! I keep telling myself I want to start one of these project threads, but not sure if we have enough interest for another project.


I don’t know when, but I wouldn’t mind being involved in some kind of bass music group project at some point. At this point it would have to be after July 2019.


You got it man!

Just so people know… I am down to also write/be part of things that aren’t agressive/bass heavy! haha


Here I am trying to pigeon hole your talent :stuck_out_tongue: