The IDMF Sensory Overloading Audio Visual Thread


according to that link they have a 250$/year deal for freelancers that earn less than 100k. i’ve heard good things about blender but Maya is still the industry standard for animation, soon to be replaced by houdini. its a good software to learn if you’re looking to pursue a career in 3D, as is houdini.

your video is cool, i like the kind of breakup happening around 1:48. i’ve never finished more than a minute of audio responsive work as i like to change things up a lot. it would be cool if someone paid me to do it :smiley: unfortunately there’s not a huge demand for high end music video’s these days, or at least not a lot of budget :cry:


Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated! Yeah, I think there’s huge demand but with zero budget :wink:


I like it, I don’t normally do the graphic effects/audio visual stuff myself, but I do use after effects for post production. So lately I have been toying with the idea of giving something like that a go


My latest one, I’ve not gone for perfection here, especially with some of the textures, just in the attempt to be more productive and rattle these out a little faster. Months on end is just too slow, ends up taking away from the music too long

tried to embed the dropbox file, but couldn’t, coming up “Video couldn’t be decoded”/ Don’t know why. have to go with the vimeo link instead I’m afraid.


Really cool stuff @Radiophile! I think if you maybe introduce another element or clip or something to switch it up a bit from time to time it might become absolutely awesome!


I dig it! A lot! I felt the intro was like a cockroach making its way to your heart. Do you have this song on Spotify? Def going to one of my playlists!


Here’s a cool 2d music video. It has a caterpillar named Fred.

And here’s another one That’s just a metallic pattern following the music. Don’t know how to describe it tho


done in Maya as a promo for this album:



Thanks Bud, not on Spotify yet, coming soon though with the rest my next EP, which will include videos for all.

It did make it on to IDMFs last compilation album though: IDMf060 - "Soul Engine" released!


Here’s a cool 2d music video. It has a caterpillar named Fred.

And here’s another one That’s just a metallic pattern following the music. Don’t know how to describe it tho

Love the art style of the first one, very cool isn’t it


Congrats! Lemme know when it is on Spotify! I know streaming is not the best way to support artists but unfortunately I’ve became comfortably numb with my playlists. Gonna start youtube playlists tho.

And obviously, I’m gonna share it. Have some audophiles that will be into it.


Something I did to promote our latest release. I guess this is a teasers as opposed to being a full length music video, but with attention spans growing shorter these days I think it´s a good excuse to focus on one concept and keep it short and sweet.


Both are pretty cool imho, really nice work! Second one gets a bit boring for the length of the video, but really nice work on the visuals!


Nice work @Radiophile very complex and engaging. I’m interested in video but the initial learning curve seems daunting… which will inevitably suck me into that black hole of not enough time for the many projects I’m working on… not to mention the dreaded day job. :sunglasses:


Those were both great… I especially liked the build in the first one. Thank you for sharing :sunglasses:


Very simple thing I did a while ago for a track on IDMF056 - I was thinking to use that template for something else, but I switched to other ideas. So yesterday I found it on my HD, made a slightly improved mixdown of the project and I 'm just gonna leave it like this:


I must have missed your videos last time I checked this thread, really interesting and very original work!


I dig it. But yeah, attention span is a clear problem. I enjoyed the video but I am extremely sure people would’ve slide past it in any social media because it dones’t have as much “dynamism” (epileptic stuff to keep you watching it)


It fits the song very very well! I could watch in on loop for hours with the right psychotropics haha


Going a bit mental in lockdown, threw this together in honour of that: