The Hardware Megathread


Agreed. I’ve very little clue what I’m doing, but it is way easier to find the rhythm of a bass line w keys even if the notes need changing later. Even something that “fakes” having keys on a set of pads is good.


Self isolation, perfect scenario


Is that the new one, whatever its called? I’m curious to know how much of a synth it can be as it seems more a percussion machine.


to be honest its more of a percussion machine, its basically a digitone that can only be tweaked via Macros, but you can get things down that fast that its great fun, doesn’t have all the complexities of the other elektron boxes.


Dem 'phones. Ma babies!

Just ordered new pads for mine :slight_smile:


Trackers are the new analog…


Cables question.
The Microfreak output is mono, I’m currently using a splitter to record in stereo on the Force, am I setting myself up for sound issues?


If the splitter is summing the signal no? But if it isn’t a pain to change the cables I’d just plug the Freak right into the Force.


Just track it in mono. Dual mono is only using up more storage.


theres just noway i could buy one of those polyend trackers this year, but i do know that one day i will own one.


I’m going to be real fam, Imma have a real hard time not buying a new toy if we get our thousand Trumpbucks.


I wonder if that applies to those living overseas too…could use a new polyend tracker,er, I mean living room floor.


Not sure, one article I read said it would be given to anyone who has filed taxes in the US for the last two years another said it would focus on those who are out of work.


If you’ve never worked but have had people working for you… So the 1% again :smiley:


Well, and I can’t believe this, they are talking about taxing it in a way so rich people pay most of it back to compensate for those who, via taxes, would owe nothing or little on it.


Did I read that right… the rich pay for the poor? :open_mouth:


looking at some youtube videos last night and some guy was messing with a Yamaha PSS 680 (1988), i remembered i stashed one in the shed some years back that i got from a car boot sale, climbing over old doors and boxes i found it, next to it was a Yamaha PSS 51 (1992) that i cannot remember buying however i must of got it from a car boot sale at sometime, anyway from what i gather the 51 is a rare 2 op/fm it has a little vector joystick, Midi i/o and has a 8 track sequencer, I’ve been having some fun today, i even downloaded the manual :heart_eyes: both synths are in mint condition you’d think they were bought brand new yesterday.


Spamming it here as well, hardware only track, Arturia Microfreak sequenced and effected on the Akai Force.

I couldn’t be arsed with recording midi then tracking, so all MF clips have been recorded as audio.
Snare and vocals are the only samples.


Finally got rid of the sofa and instantly the space was taken with 80’s toy synths :rofl:
gonna have to order lots of new long cables however with this COVID-19 i don’t think ill bother yet.

Gonna listen to some tracks now and see how the room has changed as that sofa must of absorbed a lot of waves.


I saw this video of someone going full mental on the model:cycles and thought you might appreciate.

Starts ro really kick off at about 1:40 mark or so :slight_smile: