The Hardware Megathread


Just hold a mic up to your laptop speakers.



I have sampled on the phone directly from Tv speakers a few times….


Musician’s Friend has coded BLACKFRIDAY and it works on Waldorf Iridiums :eyes: ($400 off)


The day has come that I have to tear down my entire recording rig.

I’m moving.


I hate moving in general but that makes it extra tedious. Though probably doing the same thing soon. My studio eats basically a whole room and rarely gets used. I bought a flight case to help make it more mobile. I think I am mostly going to be a kitchen table and headphones guy from here on in.


I share your pain, having moved recently I can testify that moving sucks.
At least is a chance to clear up stuff, mostly throwing away accumulated junk.

Being a work from home only person, my studio is my office and my personal desk, space though is a premium as I currently have 3 computers fighting for desk space.


Funny, I’m also a work-from-home person, and my work space is directly next to my music space with three machines in it as well fighting for space (laptop, desktop, and workstation).


I just sold the last two pieces of hardware that I own to fund a Panasonic UB-820 4KUHD Blu-Ray player.

I hereby release my HW MegaThread Membership Card back to the group.


Are you me?


Welcome to softsynth world. We have less knobs and faders but some nice MPE controllers!


And most importantly: free demos where no one can judge just how bad you are at keyboard.




That makes 3 of us here then. I have 2 desks in that room, facing opposite walls. One for work stuff, the other for music stuff. This way, I don’t feel like I’m at work 24/7


We live in what is essentially a two story cottage. Its the second bedroom. And my PA is setup in it. I honestly only have two desktop synths, the SP-16 and my CDJs and DJ mixer lol. It takes up just enough space you cant have another project station, desk or bed in the room.

Point being—dont be too impressed, people have bigger walk in closets than this bedroom lol

I would like to set it up so I can easily setup and tear down my production gear and DJ gear and that it could be used as a guest room or for other projects or social activities.

Ill have to get the PA out probably :confused: which is a bummer as its fun to DJ on it but I rarely mix records these days. Or make music.

Ill need a coffin case for my DJ gear. But I would like to squeeze in a futon and keep a six foot folding table in a corner.

I want it to be a Swiss Army Knife room for a crafty, music-y, poly married couple.


Pretty cool to have that space available though. I’ll never be able to buy a house, so there’s that.

Living in a rented apartment in L.A. is a great way to make sure your hardware stays very limited, hence my buying too many VSTs instead :laughing:


We are very grateful to own a house the way things are going with real estate and rent currently. It is absolutely awesome to have any extra space.

I can’t imagine what rent is like out there. Even here in Akron, OH our lifestyle would be very different if we had to rent this house. The rent would probably be three to four times as much as mortgage payment.


I’m headed back to Michigan myself. I bought a house and the mortgage is significantly less than what rentals in that same community go for.

We’ve been in this tiny 2 bedroom apartment for just over 3 years, it’s gonna be nice to stretch my legs and not end up in another room. The other nice thing is that I can now separate my work and music spaces completely. Music goes into the master bedroom with me and the “office” stuff goes into a corner of the livingroom (which is really where it is now). That way when I burn out on either, I get up and physically remove myself from each space instead of just turning my chair. The act of leaving a room just does something for my mental state that allows a cleaner reset.


Home office here as well. Ironically, working in IT all I need is a small laptop for work to remote into all the things I manage, so my recording/computer area isn’t really sullied up with work stuff. I do most of my workday from the bed or couch and the office is mostly music and electronics (and a cat tree , of course - keeping it feline friendly).


@misterjones313 @Artificer

Yes! I won’t grade essays in my studio room. I just setup my laptop at kitchen table.

It sounds bougie af but I would love a four bedroom or some other combination that let me have a room that is my office/studio, my wife could have an office/craft room (she works from home in the landing in the 2nd floor currently), a guest room and our bedroom.

I dont even need extra bathrooms or anything else fancy. Just a bunch of reasonably sized extra rooms.


I, too, work in IT (Linux/Unix/VMware admin + NetSec) and although my work usually flows through the laptop the client provided, I genuinely would rather be using my workstation (32 cores, 160GB of RAM, dual 1080p monitors). I do some problem solving by mirroring parts of their environment in VM’s on my workstation for my own comfort 'cause staring at the itsy-bitsy laptop screen is more than a little annoying.