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$2,500/month for a 2 bedroom. It’s actually a good deal here in L.A., as what we have usually rents for $3,000 to $3,500 but ours is in a rent-control property.


Holy Molly.


Holy fuck! Our totally monthly household bills (utilities, internet, streaming subs) are less than 1k. I don’t even know how people survive in places like LA.


I don’t know either. The house I grew up in about an hour outside of LA is worth close to a million now, and it’s a 70 year old house built by the lowest bidder. Any sane person would tear it down and start fresh, so let’s call it 700k for just the lot. I don’t know where I’m going to go to possibly have room for a dedicated music room, but it isn’t LA. On the flip side, our McDonalds employees make $20 an hour now (which is the same as I made out of college with a business degree). Assuming you make that kind of money full time and you have roommates you can scrape by somewhere LA adjacent like Long Beach if you don’t have the synth or insulin habits that I do.


Same here, I legit don’t understand how people even make it in LA.

And I was complaining about a 3 bedroom house averaging about $2k here in Vegas and LA folks look at a 2 bed apt for $2500 as a “good deal”??? Sheesh.


It’s an older Dell Precision 7910. Dual 16 core Xeons in it. I’ll likely upgrade the processors after the first of the year to the 20-core joints and drop another 128GB of RAM in it. I have a 12GB Nvidia Quadro in it now but it’s starting to act up a bit so after those upgrades I’m going to find a decent GPU for it.


Quite the beast you have here :sunglasses:


And parking spots for the day in Venice are $40.

(I sh*t you not, I paid $40 this summer to park in Venice. It will hurt my ass for a long time)

@relic - Frankly, I don’t know how single, young people can find a decent place to live in anywhere that’s not a total dump in L.A. when they’re not born of money and not living with other folks.


Amateur :wink:

But the thing with LV is that, if you live there, you have to absolutely avoid the Strip because everything is outrageously priced. I went to LV this year in May for the 1st time since 2017. Prices were out of control. I don’t see myself ever going back, frankly, now that the novelty aspect is gone (been there 4-5 times). It’s just poor value for money.


Honestly, at this point cost of living is a major factor keeping me fat and happy in Ohio. I know how to survive here. At least the area I am isn’t just corn fields and churches…it is no shining beacon of culture but there is stuff to do.


I’ve been here nearly 12 years. Locals, like myself, rarely ever go to the strip. It’s just kind of an unwritten rule or way of life out here. The only time locals are usually on the strip is when someone comes to visit and asks you to come to their hotel. That was me three times this year. I had 3 old friends come out and each time they summoned me to the Strip. I live fairly close to the strip right now and if I have to go from the east side (where I’m at) to the west, I know one street that goes under the strip and that’s always the way I take.

Still, housing prices out here were on a steady climb from about 2016 but really jumped when the pandemic hit.

I can’t wait to get back to MI. Clean water, far cleaner air (yes, even in Detroit, the air cleaner than Vegas), cheaper gas (by about $2 a gallon), cheaper food… I can’t think of one good reason to stay here.




Nice, Polyend now officially offers a try at home service for 45 days with full refund .


I don’t agree with those schemes because what happens to the product when it’s sent back, I’m guessing it gets sent to somebody else as new? Hence why I don’t like it.

When I buy something new, I don’t expect it to have been in somebody else’s hands for a period of time before mine.

PS I’ve just emailed Polyend and asked the question.


Could not agree more.


I’m almost positive they’d be sold as b-stock if returned. I just ordered some Bose products as Christmas presents and they offer a 30 day trial period risk-free. They almost always have “refurbished” units in stock which is anything that’s been opened and returned to them and given a once over to be sold again at a lower price. I’ve been choosing their refurbs for years.


Knowing the music audio world and looking at the second hand market at how much gear is passed around, some folk only buy gear to sample then pass it on and I know many who do this 45 day thing will have no intention whatsoever of ever buying the unit, I find it hard to believe that every unit that is returned will then be labelled refurnished, They will end up with more refurnished gear in stock than they have new gear.

I know if you take a jumper back to a shop it goes back on the shelf and sold as new.


What I learned from Disney’s Santa Clauses:
Elfs really love Maschine, they have a Micro and a mkiii.


To close the loop on this - a timely article from today’s L.A. time.

And they’re not even mentioning the 10-15% down needed at purchase time…


Lol. The scary thing is for first time buyers you can get credits and what not to get that down payment as low as 5%. I don’t want to come in that low, but less informed people are apparently fine with getting super leveraged on their home.