The Hardware Megathread


If it helps, I’m still loving my Warm Audio Tone Beast pre-amp and it does far less for about the same money. It adds that “last 10%” to sounds. Whatever my next project is, it is going to be strapped to the input of my Digitakt so everything gets sampled through it.


I’m sure no one cares all that much but I think I’m putting most of my gear away for a while and getting the CDJs back out. Will probably strap the Behringer 808 to a channel.

I also just spent like a $100 on beatport last night so I feel obligated to make a mix now lol


when you break out an Eleketron drum machine in a room full of much older real estate and stock people like… :joy:

I was bored and we hadn’t started, yet, and I had little interest in chit chatting with 90% of these people… I didn’t have my laptop (was taking notes on my iPad, and wanted it to last for 9 hours of note taking; I was at 50% when done each day, though…).

However, I don’t think I’ll be spending a ton on hardware in the near future, though if the people’s methods are legit I can’t promise I won’t buy a Polybrute after my first deal. Not becoming a realtor, won’t even be using my own money really, and I only know about these people through where I learned stock trading and make money at that, so there’s an element of trust there already. We’ll see. Not like I spent much but time in a room either way, though it drove my anxiety batty for an afternoon XD

…so that was my weekend. I really need to lose focus on taking my gear places on batteries. It’s okay at the park or a place where you typically have solitude. Around too many people there are too many questions. Laptops get much less questions…

I literally had a guy tell me he was a drummer in a 60s style rock band when I called it a drum machine XD


It feels like djing is your summer thing. Getting ready for your usual hippies festival?


Ian that the point of conferences and meet-ups? Networking and building relationships? I’m quite good at playing the relationship game when I hold a stall for my wife but it leaves me feeling utterly drained.

Also tomorrow I’ll find out how big my bonus is. Most of it will have to go in savings but I might still have a spendable £1.000


That’s funny, in my deep house discord server (well not mine, but I participate), there is a dedicated side channel for talking about investing because so many of us do it. So a large portion of the musicians I deal with are into that scene anyways.


lol nice. Sounds like I might fit in there. These were a bunch of people 50s, 60s, mores, very conservative, etc. these are not my people XD

I was just there for learning, and most of these people didn’t continue. I’m still in touch with those that have, though. And as said above, they are not really “my people” so-to-speak. I’ll be building relationships with realtors, mortgage brokers, investors, though.


sadly they canceled this year too, but yea you aren’t wrong, seems like I do usually end up going that way in summer


That’s ok, you’re gonna make a set and livestream it for us instead, right? :smiley:


So…:Sweetwater just “leaked” a new LXR…

The price will probably be about 600Euros, a bit steep, but I am thinking this will be an absolute banger. Might have to pre-order one once they show up in the EU.


I do not need more drum machines, I do not need more drum machines. I always wanted to build a LXR though. Funnily enough this costs about what the parts would have cost me due to EUR vs USD, iirc… :eyes:

I wonder if this and their Bassline will become the next “acid combo” in a decade or two…

Probably not. “Tee Bee 303. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively gots to melt every mutha fucka in the room…! Accept no substitutes.”


Behringer are getting boring, I was expecting more than the RD-808 MKii.

They announced a few non-clones in the past, well almost no clones, but never materialised.


Did behringer release a bunch more unexciting stuff again? Exciting lol


I’m with you on this, but there might always be space for a special one…
I’d love to be able to afford a Soma Laboratory Pulsar but it’s quite expensive and experimental so not sure I can fit that in.


When I look at the changes, I feel like the majority of them should have been in the first product :eyes: The changes are likely being very overplayed by the marketing department, too.

Lean year due to everything being closed? XD


Not to mention they just announced on facebook that their IC supplier for it screwed them. They had a contract for X ICs at X price with a 6-week leadtime and the IC supplier bumped them to 2 years because of the silicon shortage and they’re a smaller customer. No joke, Soma already had a waiting list for the rest of the year for the Pulsar, and now they might have to ask all those people to wait two years. They put out a post on their FB page asking if anyone can get them a lead on these ICs, will give them the next Pulsar they can make if they get help on this.


I work for a videogame company, the impact of this is huge, it will be felt for years.
On top, add the Bitcoin mining causing power shortages in certain areas in China.


And GPU shortages around the world…all for a virtual currency that supposedly costs “nothing” to invest in, except is really costs a lot, and most of that in the form of power, which generally is not very eco-friendly…the whole situation is just shitty. I am hoping they drop those anti-cryptomining GPUs soon at least. Then I may have enough spare cash after an upgrade to get the LXR-02.


iirc I read or heard that China is banning some forms of crypto due to power shortages. I just need my 6.5yo video card to last a little longer… Someone even told me just today that prices started to come down some, not sure where he got that, though.


I’ll have to dust off the CDJs here and see. At the very, very least you’ll get a recorded set. I don’t know what it is about the A/V stuff whether its recording jams or streaming but my brain screams bloody murder and just doesn’t want to deal with it. I’m full of all kinds of other excuses too but I’ll leave it at that. Also I’m pretty ya’ll would be in bed in the UK when I’d do it live ;p