The Hardware Megathread


One for my purple people…

Being sold on FB Marketplace nearby


It calls to you. The Oracle of Purplentia has foreseen it. Beware the Ides of June… Et Cetera, et cetera, and other spooky synthy things.

…they’re probably selling it because they didn’t fully appreciate how modicum a drum machine a 606 is :eyes:


MFB 522 starting to seem kinda boring to me, finally. Pretty sure I’m ready to sell it on to someone that wants an 808 Mini Me. I love the size of it and what it does in that size, but its internal sequencer is super basic and it only has a MIDI In so without a MIDI copier (which I have) it has to be the last device, obviously.

And I just really like the Cycles as a drum machine right now. I have too many dedicated drum machines as it is anyway, imo… Time to be like Elsa and let it go. The thud never bothered me anyway…


Since there was some Decksaver talk in this thread not too long ago:

Greetings from Team Decksaver.

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Analog Heat: any experience with it?
I’d like to have it somewhere where it can resample the Force and also affect the audio I record into it. So as I’m getting a Scarlet 8i6, which seems to have an audio loop, this seems possible?


Just putting this out there….

If anyone has a vermona mono lancet 15 they’re looking to be rid of I’m in the market. I’m in the US but shipping from somewhere else might be doable given the weight of the unit is small. I bought the last one from Perfect Circuit here in the states 10 days ago and have been messing with it since. Used price plus shipping from somewhere else in the world would have to be cheaper than buying another one new.

I really think, for my needs, it’s the best synth I’ve played. They really nail that pure vintage tone and the knob per function functionality suits it well for live performance. I had two moogs that I sold (sirin / minitaur) to fund a couple of these bad boys. But the used market seems to be in short supply.

It’s crazy how I used to be so caught up in having a multitimbral poly synth. It took me way too many tries and too much money to realize I actually hate screwing with multimode on most synths. Elektron has it implemented really well but even that doesn’t bring the immediacy of a one sound per device setup.

So yeah, if anyone is interested who might have one, let me know.


@Auto-meh-geddon I love the analog heat. It’s one of those devices that is difficult to justify but once you get into it it’s like “where have you been my whole life.” I have mainly used it for the clean boost / saturation circuit / eq. It’s an awesome finishing box that is highly recommend to anyone. I’ve had two over the last couple years. Not sure about your specific use case because I always just use it end of chain to process the stereo mix. But for that, at its price, it can’t be beat. You can find used mk1’s for super cheap these days. Only difference is the screen and general layout. Inner workings are the same.


I pretty much have zero interest in the latest Novation grooveboxes, they seem cool on paper but I never gelled with any of them in the past.



im sure there are folks out there that will love them but I’m not terribly interested.


Oto boum looks good too


Not for me either, probably the fact of all the elektrons I have


Octa and Mpc2500. If i can’t “groove” I ought to sell it all off.


Not gonna lie, I’m put off by the lack of any kind of display. Its OK for the Monostation as its a synth. But in this day and age an actual sampler should have some kind of visual feedback of sample wave forms at least while recording the sampler’s input and adjusting start/end points.


SP crowd will tell you that’s okay, use your ears!

I am not one of those people. It can be done by ear, sure, I’ve done it on a 404sx, but it’s not the gd dark ages, either XD

same. I’m still rather enamored with the Model:Cycles atm…


Every time I see news that terrifies me, I think I’ve lived to see the peak of this cycle of society and that we are on the inescapable slide into the next dark age. Don’t be so sure.

Whoops, looks like the philosophy thread leaked.


Definitely. I’ll be roaming the wasteland playing live sets on the Force in exchange for food and shelter.

The thickness of the Force also useful as a makeshift radiation shield.


If your totally bored and have finished descaling the kettle my half arsed ramblings of nonsense with a wobbly camera might help some SE-1X owner,
especially those who perish at the thought of opening their synths


Yea, I mean, a lot of times you have to use your ears to make sure you aren’t getting weird little clicks and such. Even the graphic resolution in a DAW isn’t always enough to find those problems.


I just looked into it and it seems a good option too, surely more affordable…


I had a mk1 and it sounds really cool but i didn’t keep it cuz i figured i can do the same with pludins and resample instead. But it does sound great