The Hardware Megathread


I really dont need another analog synth, however i got watching this video and this cat does sound like a rather phat cat.


Not clicked vid yet but which one is the cat? :smiley:


Octave’s… wait for it… The Cat :smiley: (if you were being facetious or cheeky it went right over me. I had to spend time around people and spent my battery XD )


It wasn’t on my radar but the specs are great, cross modulations and sync should make for very modern basses


It can be, yeah. My first dive in set me back a lot of money when I didn’t really have it. I ended up selling it off to a friend about coming close to recouping, but I always missed the gear. I’ve slowly dipped a toe back in, but with a very pointed focus that lets me keep the cost and size down (ie generative/sound gen - no traditional sequencers or drums or anything that a ‘standard’ setup would have as I can do that all ITB).

To be fair, a lot of the same functionality can be found in something like Reaktor, M4L, Grid or other soft-modular environments and I do a lot with them, but they’re also more finicky, labor intensive to set up and unless you have a head for the underlying tech, bound by what other people develop. It’s also less tactile and immediate for me and I don’t get the same knob-twisty exploration joy that I do from hardware.

Since I’ve come back to modular, I’ve really been pushing the DIY aspect as it dovetails with my enjoyment of electronics and tinkering and building things. It’s sort of another hobby unto itself, but I’ve found it really rewarding to make sounds with a thing you built and customized. It’s also a shitload cheaper.


This kinda has my curiosity piqued…

It sounds funky in a way I like that isn’t trying too hard to be an 808 or 909, either.


WOAH, I had time to delve into Drambo a bit and I’m blown away by concept and sound quality!


Drambo is 4+ years old and I’m only just now hearing about it XD and I own some of their other products on iOS :woman_facepalming:t2:

Me: I love knobs and faders but don’t mind using a mouse to make sounds in a DAW

Also me: I HATE TAPPING ON GLASS SCREEEEEEEEEE…!! (I was pretty into Beatmaker 3 for a while…)

But I’ll still probably check out Drambo. It seems like fun and I can’t always cart around a Maschine+ and battery




I’m super impressed by that app, it feels like an Elektron step-sequencer on a very clever modular setup.

On a side note: my yearly bonus was higher than expected, which makes gear lust hard.


Little eurorack system? :wink:


You’re moving house. Ikea owns your arse :smiley:


I tried to buy Ikea once, ages ago. A dresser - I think it was like $200 US. Shipping was going to be about $350, and the closest store was 6 hours away. They may do free shipping now, I haven’t checked. I don’t own a single bit of Ikea anything. Honestly glad I missed the boat on it, I’d have a house full by now.


Not sure about Ikea, but I own a couple of pieces from Wayfair now and they’re solid, with free shipping over $35 - which if you’re buying real furniture and not just a pillow or something is basically just free shipping.

I have a desk that I used before I got my A-frame stand for keyboards and a cube shelf thing that holds way more media than it has any right to.


Ikea’s molded plastic laptop stands make brilliant gear stands and under US $20 on Amazon Prime.


Seems for only $100 dollery doos I can get an OLED for something as old as an E-Mu Morpheus even.

Actually tempted as it’s plug and play and it makes me twitch a little that the Proteus 2000 and Morpheus have differently “green” displays :eyes:

Though for $60 I can replace the display on the 2K with a fancy red one.

I have 2 of the bigger ones and one smol one, and yeah, they work really well, especially if you can get them for $7 or so at an actual store XD

This actually works surprisingly well at $9 for a Maschine+ even, at least on a flat surface:


Oh nice! I’ll have a peep at that.


One for sale at £175 down the road from me.


I think I need to stay away from Reddit. Any time I post something I usually get irritated by “well actually” responses :eyes:

I’m probably also overly-sensitive this morning; high anxiety and new cat suddenly acting a little stranger than she has for a week so I didn’t sleep well. You’d think she’d never been in the house before all-of-the-sudden.

Trying to figure out what to do with my RNLA. It used to be between my gear and the Babyface’s single set of inputs to add a little magic dust/‘analog warmth’ to things going in, but now I have an interface with lots of inputs. And as I type that I realize I could put it between the Maschine+ and its inputs on the 18i20. Or the Morpheus. Not the Proteus since that’s on SPDIF for now.

The obvious solution is to buy 2 more 1/3rd rack compressors, rack 'em up, and put everything going into the back of the 18i20 on them :thinking:

edit or put it with the “jam corner” stuff


What shop is that?, a plugin version would probably cost more