The Hardware Megathread


They make an app for windows for the h9 iirc.
I really love the h9, and maxed mine out over time. It’s only drawback is the single algorithm at a time, means you need a second pedal to layer other effect.
Also the dd500 from Boss is sick, it’s the only of the 500 series of boss pedals that I kept.
It has a digital delay built into each algorithm so it’s actually pretty useful IMO because you add some of the reverb in and the delay sounds diffused and you don’t notice it being more « run of the mil ». It also has a space echo mode which is quite nice and the interface is knobby enough to tweak in real time.
I have been wanting to check out the new source audio collider, with delay and reverb built in. Seems sweet.
Lastly I’d suggest to @Creepr maybe a line 6 HX stomp, you can use up to 6 algorithms at a time, in parallel or series or both with drives distortion amps, modulation reverbs etc. But it’s not great for tweaking live due to the shared knob interface. But it’s pretty great IMO.


nice info guys, thanks. :slight_smile: Yeah the H9 just turned me off with the diveyness…I am looking for something to actually manipulate while playing, such as very slowly changing the pre-delay or some tone nobs. I will give it another look though, the prices are comparable to other suggestions. I started out looking for a “end of my chain, use for everything” pedal but I fiddled my my Polara some more and decided it was best for this purpose (great sounds, but stupid ass f"§$%ing impossible to read text). So I ended up leaning towards something to manipulate, and be more creative with. Nightsky is high on the list for sure. the Eventide Space was also up there, but man they stay expensive in the used market…

The CDR 70 is perhaps the best option for “fiddle with it and find what you really want” next to maybe a HoF, since you can import your own stuffs. That is what made the Ventris seems so nice, but I dug deeper and found a buuunch of people complaining about a lot of things on that pedal series…kind of leery of dropping so much cash on them now.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to a particular pedal, since we are on the topic: the NUX Tape Core Deluxe. It is a Space Echo type pedal, and you can even edit presets with an app. It allows for an expression pedal and can go infinite in the Space Echo way. I got it after I had and returned the TC Electronics Gauss, which I cannot recommend unless you leave it on and never touch it.

The Empress does look super nice, but when I look at it I think it looks exactly like my VST Xenoverb…probably an exquisite pedal but for 400 clams I want something different right now.


What are the issues with the source audio stuff? I am quite keen on checking out the collider.


I will dig around and find the particular thread again that I read last night for you. Apparently there was a white-noise issue in the Ventris and a few people complained of software lockups and that the pedal sometimes locked up as well, I think it what when you change patches.


The Zoom CDR 70 is nice but it really isn’t a tweak while you jam pedal IMO. Unfortunately you’ll probably want one of the more expensive ones for that? I dunno, I also had a $25 “analog” (it wasn’t) delay pedal with no kind of tap tempo or sync that I loved to use live too. Gave it to a friend some years ago who was trying to build up a little rig.


@jbvdb493 Here is the article I found. I do not want to over-state the issues…make your own decision of course. The DSP they have inside these pedals seems top notch, higher quality that most other manufacturers…I am just not sure I want to drop my coin on one that I will most likely have to import (to get a good price) and then have it have issues. The Collider does indeed look appealing too. :slight_smile:

Please forgive the cross-forum linkage here, I hope that is not a huge faux-pas. :stuck_out_tongue:


The MS70 CDR’s reverb algorithms I’d say are fair. I had one once for about a week. Very cold and metallic sounding verbs on that pedal. You really get what you pay for with verbs.

Of the current crop of recommendations I’d consider Empress or Strymon Blue or Big Sky. Red Panda Context is pretty good too for something a bit cheaper than the empress.


This thing looks batshit insane - convolution reverb in a pedal, along with a slew of other modular-style effects.

And it comes in pink… :laughing:


man, I am starting to really dig the sounds from the Empress Reverb…check this vid out:

That right there makes me thing about looking at these two as a combo for me down the road.


God damnit. Now I want one.

And yes, gimme pink.


Yeah, my next purchase is going to be an Empress verb. Best sounding verb out there in a pedal these days, IMHO.


I’ve wanted an Erebus forever, but it’s difficult to justify when I have a Matrixbrute in my rack. Like, even the effects section is similar to the MB’s delay line, IIRC they’re both analog bucket brigade units.


I’d like to try a Dreadbox some day for sure. I mean, they aren’t special in many regards, but seem like they are all character pieces.


Ordered the Robaux 3PT

trigger-able random CV’s with attenuverters here we come.

also a quantizer, chord generator, euclidian trigger sequencer and a partridge in a pear tree but at the moment i need those 3 ch’s of random CV’s


A Rat 2 distortion pedal for my TD-3 showed up today…I’ve just fooled about on the TD-3 some here and there…but I was not immediately a fan of the onboard distortion…not tried to put it in a mix.


My sentiments exactly…they seem to me like a synth that would be a lot of fun to place with, given the patch bay and interesting oscillator setups, but not one that would be a studio centerpiece, like a Minilogue XD or something in the same price range.


the purple TD-3 I preordered in December shipped today, on March 3rd. 3-03 XD

I feel like this was on purpose almost.


Hey! At least someone got a purple one : ) Fucking zzounds canceled my pre-order. Apparently they decided to stop carrying all but silver and blue.


I’m still short of words for my contempt.


So I have been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking about if I need more hardware (obviously I do…duh)…and if so what would make sense, and I came to the realization that I am, first and foremost, a musician. I want to play music and DAWs etc are fine and all but I want to have fun and make cool sounds with my hands (and or feet if needed). Plus I play guitar. So away went the MPC One from my wishlist, away went the Launchpad Pro, Away went everything with a screen, and in went these beauties! (not my pic):

Good thing my wife has no concept of how much this shit costs just by looking at it. If she even ever came into my studio anyway. :smiley: But it was OT monies, so I did not feel the need to share this time.