The Hardware Megathread


I’m really lusting after a synth with a keyboard, 37 keys max, size don’t matter.
OP SIX could be a tough cookie, but super interesting.
The upcoming Modwave seems super cool and I like wave modulation.
and prices on the minilogue XD are quite low now…


The OP Six looks quite cool. It seems they have “simplified” FM synthesis here a little bit? For me that would be of concern, but with the knobby interface it might not be as bad to learn what’s going on intuitively by twisting dem knobs.

The air, the sparkling highs that aren’t piercing, I’m really liking the sound. The reverb seems very usable from the Sonic State review.


On the other hand, my gear lust made me look more into the very simple 2 mods FM of the Microfreak.
This is a patch I just made and recorded on the Force with only added reverb.
You see why I like that synth so much.

Also the more time I spend with the Force, the more I like it’s reverb…


I have to be honest, I’ve been playing with Vital some over the past few weeks, just the free version, and it has killed a lot of synth gear lust for me.

OB-6? I’m getting that morphing filter action in a way I like here.

Iridium? I have stereo warpable wavetables that sound great here. Stereo modulation too.

DUNE 3 (yeah I know it’s a softsynth)? The unison engine on this thing is really, really good with very precise control over the detune voicing.


Yea, it seems like you are getting there tone-wise with the Microfreak. I am assuming I’ve been hearing the Force’s reverb on you tracks recently, it has been fitting the bill there nicely.


I’m quite impressed with the modal electronics last 2 synths. Nice interface nice size, 37 keys etc. Argon and cobalt seem great IMO.


Responding to both RFJ and Relic here. I currently have an OG Circuit, Monostation, PreenFM2, Monologue, Meeblip Triode, LXR and a MicroGranny. I like the Per4mer because I think it gives me something different as it can be mono, duo, or paraphonic. Plus you can do FM, link the voices in 7nteresting ways and it has a “one knob per function” setup. Also nice big knobs. The Tracks ticks other boxes…more midi channels, probability, mutate etc…these are features I would use a lot. With the OG and MS tied to it for program changes I can expand my hardware arrainging a ton. The Per4mer scratches a different itch, as I really like the sound and I think it would be a workhorse. Ofc the effects help a lot…I have some decent pedals so I think I can do it justice. I will sit on it for a bit, I think the OT will be paid in March anyway…but lusting after new gear is half the fun right?


I know I lauded it a bit before so I might sound like a broken record, and it’s not specifically what you asked about, but I’m still in love with the Arturia Keystep. It’s really a swiss army controller for dirt cheap, and it’d allow you to have a keyboard on basically everything you own that has a MIDI in. I know it’s not as GASsy or flash as a whole new synth, but it adds so much utility to a hardware (or software, or hybrid) setup at a fair price.


If it sounded like I was discouraging you from the Per4mer mkii I wasn’t : ) Also with this message it really sounds like you know where it fits in your setup. The only thing I can think is that maybe you might want more polyphony but you’ve got a couple channels of that with the Circuit and i know that is a damn good synth engine.

I am also a total mono synth whore.

And yea, waiting on something a little bit is a good thing. There is way too much instant gratification in the Western world.


Wow, I don’t know wtf I was thinking when I said that. Also, surprised you didn’t tear into me for my awful grammar.

Dismissive statement retracted.


No worries, i was not discouraged. :slight_smile: The Circuit and the Preen are poly, plus I forgot to mention I have an old school Kawai K4 too. So 4 analog type voices sounds good to me right now. A minilogue XD would do as well, or the Peak really…decisions decisions.


Minilogue Xd is high on my wishlist too, but I’m waiting for savings, space and the Modwave release


For those who are interested, this guy Federico Chiesa makes a few killer vids on the Perfourmer. I also really liked his other vids on reverb and “how I play live” great info all around:


@Creepr cool thanks for the video. I’d like to know a little more about it since it seems to have more up its sleeve than I thought.


I love my Perfourmer, it was during lockdown i decided to go through the manual and learn it inside out, i’ve had it for years and didn’t realise the LFO had an extra hidden Waveform, you can change the Saw tooth to Square by pressing Edit / parameter 7 / TriG… Exit edit mode by pressing edit again.


Just want to say this guys channel is fantastic. I think he just changed his YouTube name like the day I subscribed to his channel. But yeah, amazing informative stuff. Love the improvisational bent he’s on.


I’m finally putting my P’08 and Rytm mk1 up for sale since I’m not using them. Looking to buy a Nord Lead 4 using the money from them but I have one question that I’m wondering.

Guys who’ve had Nord Leads before: Did you end up tweaking knobs mostly with your left hand? and if so, did it get old after a while? (I’m right handed)


New picture coming up later, stay tuned.


well…there is a fucking stray cat holding itself hostage in my studio…it some how became liquid and seeped out of its cage at like 3am last night…I got things covered with a blanket while he hid in some nook and or cranny…there may be a murder if any of my gear gets damaged…currently have the live trap setup in there and there is no other food in the room…hopefully hunger makes him stupid.


OpSix is here and it’s love at first sight!