The Hardware Megathread


That sounds really great though. I like all the little modular/MPC treats you leave us on social media . I do remember when thinking getting an older one some years ago everything I read said do JJ OS or go home.

Having all that sequencing power right there to control all your gear for the one project is really ideal.


@canecreek some lovely lo fi sounds there : ) I noticed the Beads seems to be the big new module recently on Elektronaughts. Scanning over the its homepage seems really cool.


Thanks, just sort of gearing up make this stream happen. Sharing keeps me weirdly accountable and on task as otherwise I’m like OOOH SHINY and im off doing something else completely.


On my desk I have a cheap ass Behringer Xenyx mixer, it does what I need it to do.
But it also has an effects section and the preset 14, Church reverb is being used pretty much on most of my current tracks, it has such a nice feel to it.
Preset 12 is lovely too…


When I very first started in hardware I inherited a giant Euro something 24 channel behringer mixer. It had a couple decent FX on it.




Nah, looked at it when it came out then looked at my Force and smiled…
Not for me.


For some reason with the way they advertised it on FB I thought you could download all the Aira synths into it. But I think it is just some sample service.


I got one of these from 1998 (the model before, probably, it was less “complex” than yours). Haven’t used it in 20 years. Maybe I should get it out of its storage closet :slight_smile:


My dude, Nord Leads, Nord Modulars (G1 and G2), Elektron Machinedrum and Monomachines, Behringer BCR2000, Akai MPCs, the first seriously affordable multi-channel audio interfaces, just off the top of my head.


There is defo like a whole era of techno that was built on those two boxes.


That Korg Op-six…


Well…I have a visitor in my studio for a while. One of the stray/feral cats we take care of. We’ve been trying to catch him to TNR for a few years. Recently it looks like he lost a toe to frostbite and he was limping considerably. We were finally able to catch him today to take him to the vet and hopefully get him sorted.


hey ya’ll…I am dying over here…I’m not saying I don’t care what color a synth is or if it looks good just aesthetically…but they are arguing about how black the black paint job is lmao…


I still kind of want an analog heat, and now that I have a patch bay it wouldn’t be a PITA to use…


1010 Blue Box and the AH are high on my buy next list…


I am going to, for the first time since I worked at my current employer, get paid for weekend work. I worked 14 hrs two weekends ago, and will do at least another 8 this Saturday. :money_mouth_face:
So I started thinking about where I could best…er…invest my gains…and stumbled onto this beauty:

I have passed it by many times in browsing synths, as it looked “basic” but after watching a few YT vids, man the sound is just gorgeous. and the clever interplay between the 4 synths looks really inspiring. Anyone around have one that can comment on it? I would love to get some forum feedback in addition to the usual Google infos. I cannot test one, so if I pull the trigger it will be sight-unseen.

That, or I get a Circuit Tracks and an Ottobit pedal…depending on how the OT works out after taxes.


I wish I could say something about it. I feel like Vermona products and the Per4mer specifically get mentioned often enough on forums. I hate to send you away from IDMf but the forum that shall not be mentioned…coughGScough…will almost certainly have a long, long thread about it.

I haven’t looked that deeply into it but I’ll have to watch a video or two now, as you say on the surface it looks pretty basic.

I would check the used prices just to see what you’d be getting into if you ended up selling one OR looking into a place with a great return policy. Even a modest restocking fee might be worth it to “rent” one for 30 days to try it out.

On the other hand Novation is working up a strong following with its new Circuit series. I’ve only ever tired the MonoStation but it is in never-sell territory for me and a quick look at that Ottobit pedal I can see why its tempting.

Happy to hear you are getting compensated nicely enough to treat yourself like this. Take a good close look at the Vermona. I don’t remember what all you own and I can’t think of a better way to put it right now but it is really nice to own a “big boy synthesizer” that is all around high quality.


Vermona makes great stuff. I’ve considered a MK1 Perfourmer several times. I’m not downplaying their sound, they definitely can sound superb. But, there’s no effects. I’d take a look at what people are using in those videos for effects and consider that in your budget as well. Because that’s where at lease some of the goodness is coming from. Unless you’re planning on running it through your computer and effect in your DAW. Nothing wrong with that.

Just something to think about.

If I had Per4mer money for a synth right now I’d probably put it towards a Novation Peak. In a sea of uninteresting offerings from most synth makers these days I feel the peak sounds good enough to justify having one.