The Hardware Megathread


Add this one to the list, HOR has some great live sets



@RFJ recommended me the Mr. Dataline one just yesterday. Around 14:20 is a brilliant moment. I like what he does with the vox there.


Speaking of live jams…

We should get an IDMf member live set / live jam thread going. We have the one box challenge thread but that’s only one box. Personally I’d like to do some things with multiple boxes being as my setup is geared that way now.


I’m going to stick with @Auto-meh-geddon’s recommendation and shoot for a March performance. I recently procured one of those Zoom Q2n video/audio recorders and I’d like to give it a test run.


I can do a pretty unexciting 200/25 mins liveset. Quite unexciting as I’m not much of a knob twiddler…


If we play original music we can just go live on the IDMf Facebook channel via OBS.


That all sounds great but to clarify by live I meant prerecorded live. Which I guess isn’t really live at all, lol. A live stream thing would be legit though, but I’d be doing something, recording it, posting after. I just don’t have my life situated in such a way to do a live, live jam.


I’ve been sat waiting for the last 2 years for a Cheetah MS800 to come up for sale, they were only £199 brand new, god knows how much a secondhand one will cost .

Its not because of Aphex twin, i like the sound and iv’e read so much about how its type of synthesis works id love to have a dabble with one.


probably wrong thread but this is great


I bought a Roland MT-32.

Gotta find some sort of software to program it.


Zzounds canceled my pre-order of a Grape Behringer TD-3 because it is “no longer available”, Sweetwater says they are still on pre-order and a price drop to 109.99 for some of the colored models. Zzounds also canceled my colored RD6 order for the same reason.

I can let the RD6 go, that feels easy. I’ve got samples and samplers a plenty.

I kind of half pre-ordered a Grape TD-3 because of the color rather than that I “needed” a hardware 303. I do like that 303 sound and it would kind of fit nicely into my current setup and what I’m trying to do vibe-wise.

I’m torn on whether I should go head and just grab a silver TD-3 from somewhere or maybe think about a different clone. Thing is, it isn’t worth spending more than about 300USD on a 303 clone and there are so many out there now my head is spinning. Any thoughts would be great.


I think we’ve chatted about him before but he’s usually jolly good.


I don’t have any of the other hardware 303 clones but I will say that I tested mine against the ABL3 software clone and mine sounded very close! Mine are slightly brighter than the ABL3 in as much as the filter opens more but you can trim the cutoff pot by opening the case, if you wanted to. The thing is, with the filter closed fully they are almost identical to the ABL3 so I will leave both of mine… for now.

There is something very familiar about the sound. For £100 I am more than happy. These days spent in lockdown are made so much better being able to program and tweak a 303 hardware unit.

Hope this helps!


If it were me I’d get the silver or black behringer 303 and if I was really wanting to invest I’d go with an XoXoX Box. Right about 300 on eBay for the XoX and it’s supposed to be pretty faithful from what I’ve read.


I know a guy who uses a MAM MB33 and likes it, they are very cheap however its just the 303 voice without a sequencer, i was surprised to find it was made by the German guy who made those gorgeous “unobtainable for us normal people” Schmidt synthesizers.

I own an Xoxbox, i’ve never owned a real 303 so couldn’t compare but in the context of the mix i’m sure a dancefloor wouldn’t suddenly empty because an Xoxbox was used instead of a TB303 :joy:

I secretly desire a Avalon, but due to the combination of waiting times, the guy who makes them being very unreliable and cost it might just be a pipe dream.


Well… It came. Got here yesterday. Now I have to do some repairs. One of its issues according to the Ebay listing was that it won’t power on because the battery is shot. Taking it apart and ordering a PSU for it and hoping for the best.


I’ve always been on your side of this argument when it comes to remakes vs. the real thing for sure. I was looking at the Cyclone TT-303 yesterday. But for less than the cost of the the TT-303 I can have the TD-3 and a Rat 2 distortion pedal (or something else) if I end up not liking the onboard distortion.

Edit: I bought a silver TD-3…fuck it…its decent to good sounding analog hardware at VST pricing. AND I know Ill have fun with it.


It’s taking everything I have in me to resist buying a Boss DR660. Wanted one in the 90’s, actually went up to Music Go Round in '98 to buy one but they had a Roland R8 with several cards on display for a few bucks more so I copped that instead.


one day I’ll learn to control these impulses when it comes to buying gear…

DR-660 should be here in about a week.