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SE-02 vs Model D? Features vs cost? Sounds? Bang for the buck?

I’m sure this got done to death on the other forum, so feel free to give me the cliff notes.


Never owned an SE-02, but I still think Model D wins pretty much across the board, unless you really want a build in sequencer, ability to save patches, and a digital delay. I don’t think those things are worth double the price of SE-02. Model D is built like a tank and sounds awesome. A no-brainer for $220 or whatever they go for used right now.


They’re like $280 on the low end from what I’ve seen, which is really only about $50 cheaper than the SE-02 on the low end. But the demos I’ve heard I’m preferring the Boog. Mostly just looking for something desktop to fiddle with and wire into my DIY stuff, and the D seems to fit the bill.



Yeah, you’re right. Just checked and looks like both used and new prices for the D and Neutron jumped recently. I remember a few months back where even places like Musician’s Friend were blowing them out for around $240. But either way, yeah, I think both the D and Neutron would be great for your need. Neutron more so just because of the more extensive patch bay (and it has a great low end, if you were looking into the D for the bass specifically).


Wow, I don’t know how the Neutron eluded me. Similar price point and looks to be way more flexible and wider array of sounds. That patch bay is juicy.

Thanks for the heads up. Now I’ve got to hand wring for awhile over it.


I might have to turn notifications off for this thread…as a recovering gear addict this talk is no good…lmao <3


Come on, relic…first patch is free. Just a little envelope filter, you can stop any time. Everyone likes a little resonance, what can it hurt?


Just buy something way too big for your space so you don’t have any room left like me…

looks at A-frame rack and thinks “I can slap some lumber on the bottom level of that and have a desk right?”


Home Depot wire rack and zip ties will have you sorted in under 20 bucks. No tools required.


Haha, I knew I couldn’t be the only one. Just a bummer because I just got this desk a few months ago thinking it would be enough space. A good rack with two tiers for a synth each, one for the recording bits and a drum machine and FX units, and one left over to use as a desk (at proper height) on the bottom would be perfect. Looks don’t matter though, half my furniture is gorrilla racks and I’m cool with that.

Edit: Found Jasper’s. I can get exactly what I want from them. I might just take the top off my desk and put it on the bottom rack of the Jasper, there’d be room left over and I wouldn’t have to go out and get anything.


@Artificer the pusher man lmao

@White Noise I have like a 19 x 8 U rack cart in my garage plus I can fit two 8 foot tables in my studio…


This might be my next “hardware” purchase boys…unfortunately can’t afford a tuned one, but loving the sound of this. Listened to a lot of live demos direct from the manufacturer this weekend (who is a local) and it’s just a beautiful instrument that crosses rhythm and pitch.


These are really cool. When I worked at the music store FOREVER ago, I made some field recordings of one that I eventually sampled.


@White_Noise I’m late to the party here, must not get HW Thread notifications either. Just wanted to add that a plus on the digitakt is Overbridge. Technically OB 2.0 is still public beta but I’ve had zero problems with it. TR8s doubles as an interface as well so what Elektron are doing isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be, but Overbridge is kind of on its own thing.

I’ve owned the Digitakt twice. Recently rebought it. It sounds great, wonderful effects, and it’s really fun to use. I put up a little jam yesterday on Instagram. You can check it out if you want. It handles drums and various other samples. The jam was recorded through the Overbridge Engine with no post processing except some light limiting.

So yeah, I’d recommend the digitakt all the way but I’ve been an Elektron fanboy for a while now so I’m definitely biased.


RFJ makes a great distinction here–OB loads the hardware device as a VST (some one correct me if I’m wrong) and/or allows you to use it as an audio interface. Roland only allows you the TR8S as an audio interface and recently I’ve had issues with it, but I also found out I didn’t install it correctly. I’ve not gone back to it yet, but I will report back here when I do.


The fact that you could pass the individual channels digitally after you’ve programmed them was a plus for both of these machines, it’s a big part of why they were at the top of my list. I don’t want to use 8 inputs on my interface just for drums, I’d rather pass it all through one cable into my DAW when it’s time to actually record, and then mixdown like I had written it in my DAW. Bobeats has a video on overbridge 2 that I’m hopefully going to have time to watch tonight so I can see what else it brings to the table.


Finally have to get new phones, as I keep losing the left channel. After a long time reading and watching reviews it’s probably going to be between: DT880 pros :K702s or ATH-R70Xs.


At least on the TR8S you will have to put in some extra work creating an aggregate device to use your interface and the TR8S at the same time but it is possible. W OB on the A4 it was way easier to use both.


Can you select sample rates for the USB recordings?

I was using the OG TR8 a few years back and it was 96k or nothing, I’d have to record the shit at 96 and then convert to 48k so I wasn’t burning HD cycles as I rarely if ever use 96k


Ohh, I hadn’t thought about the sample rates. Some of my processors only work at 44.1, and I’m pushing my CPU as it is. I wouldn’t like to do an extra 10% work if I can help it. I’d hope with overbridge that that’s a thing now, but I’ll be doing my research on that later.

@TheTeknomage Consider something by Hifiman. I use the HE-400i (which I think are replaced now) all the time. If you look around, you should be able to find something comparable in the $200-300 range. Hifiman’s thing is planar magnetic drivers which are lower distortion and more phase coherent than dynamic drivers. Very deep sub-bass too. They lack the physical moving weight that dynamic drivers have, so your drums come across as a bit softer. But then when you get them to sound what you now think is good, you hear them on dynamic drivers and they blow you away. Very comparable to the sennheiser HD-600/650 sound otherwise. My only reservation would be long-term build quality if you abuse them, they aren’t built like a tank. More of a hifi listener’s headphone than a studio piece in that regard.