The DubStep thread - not to be confused with The Drum & Bass thread


Just because this was the first DS step I recall everhearing/

or this one part of Fern Cottens radio show advert circu 2012.

Dubstep and Wubs

hey mister


@Lug :wave:


Let’s hear the most obnoxious, car-alarm setting, thick bass modulation tracks you have!


is that even a thing anymore ? I feel bass music has moved past that



and also



maaaaaaaaaaaan, I totally forgot about this album! That track fucking shreds. nice share




Yeah this track is tops! Right up my alley!

@_ms that metallica remix is horrible :crying_cat_face:


Not sure if all would consider it dubstep, but it’s listed on beatrport as 1 of his dubstep releases


nickelback…step… just… what

I’m deleting the internet brb

The DubStep thread - not to be confused with The Drum & Bass thread

spaaaaace laaaceees


oh my god. Excision is so bad. Every time I fall upon one of his tracks I am reminded how they all sound the same, only with different types of farts (sometimes it’s the mouth making fart sounds, sometimes it’s ass queefs). He was – probably like a lot of us – one of the first artists that I heard associated to the genre dubstep; him and Datsik. But I just can’t anymore, man. I’m surprised he even still makes music. Or music under that alias at least. He could experiment with something else, change his artist name, make some respectable stuff, or jump another bandwagon idk. But why keep making this kind of stuff


anyway here’s some wab wab wicki wicki


That one sound in there (first time around 1:23 to 1:25) is pretty awesome though…


ok, lemme try again then.
how about some rawtekk