The DubStep thread - not to be confused with The Drum & Bass thread


I can also snap my fingers and ban half of idmf… : P


is that a threat


cool mix no tracklist

discovery of the day is trusik records. Exactly my kind of dubs


That is actually what happened to the old forum…I culled the universe to ensure peace on IDMf in our lifetime.


this is more Dubsteps beautiful cousin Future Garage and i love it.


Love me some future garage! Nice tracks :slight_smile:


To make dubstep i think you need good understanding of the drop


To understand the drop is down to timing…2 years is a huge drop :slight_smile:


I like dubstep very much . i like a quality thing

1st track is good here

9:53 - My eyes popped out of my forehead from the cool thing I heard