The books we are reading


We read them in series chronological following the official reading guide wheel.

So we did the witches/tiffany before because that series starts before the industrial series.

It’s a really interesting way to read.



We just read them as they came out, well at least the last half of them. I did not know about him until around 2000.


We started in early 2017, following each series in order as they appear on this chart.

We’ve read about 20 to 30 pages every night at bed time.



I’ve been wanting to read this for years, and my lady finally gifted me a copy of it for xmas. Cracked into this beast last night and spent a few hours getting the first 50 pages down or so, It’s fucking addicting.

This will be a “lifetime” book to finish and study, but I now understand why Wallace got so much praise for this. His writing style is unlike anything I’ve ever read before.


I’m at that point where I have too many good books to read, so before bed I sort through them and then realize that I can’t make a decision and just go to sleep.

Curse the digital medium