The books we are reading


PHP Web Services. APIs for the Modern Web. 2nd Edition

Ebook - JavaScript Succinctly

Bunch of ebooks about programming (html5,css3,javascript,php7,mysql, frameworks) and music production. I have books on photoshop but I haven’t read them.

Oh and they are all in English. In short, if you read the programming manuals in Russian, you can break your head. English is much easier!


Pretty practical good stuff there!

My non-fiction tends to not usually be very practical. Tends to be physics, astrophysics and history. Which…I mean…I do tend to use practically, but not on a daily basis.




The hard part is trying to get your body into the process. If only reading could do the work for you


nearly 6 months later I see this…

I finished Dhalgren in April, as well. I admit for the first half I was sort of wondering what the point to it all was… but the last half – especially the last couple of hundred pages – were amazing.

Like, you had to read 500 pages to get to that point, and it wouldn’t have worked without all that preamble, but if you made it that far, it suddenly starts to feel really profound.

A work of somewhat-flawed genius.

Recommended to anyone who likes to be challenged, is prepared to allow themselves to be confused, will accept or enjoy gratuitous gender-indiscriminate sex and is patient enough to read 500 pages of at-least-interesting stuff to get to the “oh, wow, yeah” bits.

Also helps to understand what it represented at the time. From one review: “a molotov cocktail thrown at the police line of contemporary SF”.

As suggested from another review: “put on some King Crimson/Iron Butterfly and just power through.”

“… to wound the autumnal city.”



A collection of interconnected short-stories about people living in an imaginary village settlement in Northern Israel. The stories revolve around disintegrating families, death and the general loss of meaning in life. It’s amazingly well written, full of genuine human insight and wonder.


started to read


Books on parenting - massive literary value!





Recently read Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell

Currently reading:
The Gulag Archipelago - the abridged version, fuck reading 1600 pages. Slowly working my way through it. A bit grim but sobering stuff. Been a bit on and off with this one.

Happy by Derren Brown - a very good book on the philosophy and history of happiness, the Stoics, Epicureans and how religion played into it all etc. Started reading a year ago and stopped, but recently working through it when I get a moment.

Next up: The Trouble with Physics by Lee Smolin