The books we are reading


The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction… story I’m in the middle of …The Golem by Avram Davidson. Written in 1955.

The anthology covers the progression of Sci-Fi from 1844 through 2008.


That anthology sounds really interesting! I only know a very limited number of books from Sci-Fi history, but I always found it impressive to see the original ideas the more modern stuff is based on.



We’ve almost read the whole discworld series; on our last saga, the witches. I say “we”, because I read to my wife every night before bed. It’s our little thing.

It’s the only time I read fiction.

Non-fiction is what I normally read.
Last thing I read was my favorite pair of books:




For the past few months I’ve been reading my way through Bertrand Russell’s: “History of Western Philosophy”, quickly becoming a fan in the process.

Russell is never affraid to speak his mind, which I find refreshing. He did not, for example, think very highly of Aristotle, and his critique of the actions of the Catholic church during the middle ages is (deservedly) brutal. He also had a wicked sense of humour, - sometimes joking so subtly that the hurried reader might well miss it completely.

I might not agree with him on everything, but his strong personal opinions make it a captivating read. Recommended.


If you like Jamaica, Jamaican music, Bob Marley and you think Jamaica must be heaven on earth… than this is not your book :slight_smile:

It is pretty rough. A poetic insight into recent Jamaican history, ghetto-life and yes… music and music business … or how to survive as a musician in Jamaica.
That might be not the most accurate description of this book, but you get an idea. I`m not finished yet but i can highly recommend it.

I am in love with this book. It`s nothing less than epic. I started reading it in german but got myself a orginal version also, because i was sure the vibe /slang translates much better there… so i switch from the german version to the english from time to time.


Always good stuff. :slight_smile:

Continuing our Discworld series, we just started this one.



Don’t remember the rabbit hole that took me to this suggestion, but cool book



Currently finishing up Oliver Sacks’ “Musicophilia” and a collection of academic papers brought together by Honing called “Origins of Musicality.” Both books have been pretty influential in my decision to study psych and cognitive science in school. Musicophilia is definitely a more approachable read, Sacks’ prose is just seamless, while Musicality is pretty dense, but no less interesting.


“Talking to my daughter. A brief history of capitalism” by Yanis Varoufakis - read it yesterday on a long trip home. Even though I don’t agree with everything he writes, I think it’s an interesting way of simplifying things and getting down to his main ideas. Very simple, easy and readable, even more or less for kids I assume, but written in 9 days, and it kinda shows :wink: