The books we are reading


Cool. And yea no worries.

The books will be there. While I value reading, we should definitely be going out and enjoying life!


I’m about 4/5ths the way through “A History of Western Music” I’m at Mid 19th Century, Brahms, Liszt, Schubert, Chopin, etc.

It’s a text book, so not always a page turner (lot’s of lists of compositions, when written and what innovations they contributed to their time and the future.)

The first few Centuries of written music seem a bit obscure until you realize that the music of that time was no less sophisticated or intelligent then the music of today (or any century) it was just different in concept, use and technology available. Gregorian Chants are not the simple repetitive melodies that we hear in them today… they are highly complex compositions using strict rules of melodic development and modal counterpoint supporting liturgical text, creating a sense of awe and spirituality. When you get into the details… it’s mind-blowing.

Same is true of Organum, Motets, Madrigals, Hockets etc. Every time period had it’s style(s) and they overlapped in time quite a bit. It’s not until about the 16th Century that written (composed) music begins to take on a structure that is more readily recognizable to today’s listener. Specifically, more intentional coordination of horizontal (melody) with vertical (harmony) and a move away from Modality towards Tonality.

It’s “Big Picture” stuff and I am enjoying the slow slog through each chapter.


Will reread lord of the flies and animal farm at some point.


Just finished Fresh Oil, Loose Gravel by Maj Ragain and started his Burley One Dark Sucker Fired. It is poetry, one of my former poetry professors and a dear friend. Hope you found that big horse track in the sky Major! Miss you.


I’m started reading too, tho
Mainly it’s a fiction


Nothing wrong w a good novel : ) I am always just happy to hear people are reading.


Not much and nothing special atm, reading mostly ebooks about Python and Machine Learning on my phone and some fantasy stuff (such as Terry Pratchett) for relaxation in my bed before sleeping…


Can’t go wrong with some Terry Practhett!


I had to stop reading dubois…

It was too triggering…

Also its idmf not my own social issue blog…

From what ive read of dubois, malcomx, and james baldwin, and conversly listening/reading to some of the contrary views…and some offshoots…

The offshoots really dont do the original thinkers any justice…some just fail to carry on the goodwill of the original predecessors.

Also in regards to the esoteric offshoot views about any social/political issue. I could buy 3000 recommended books from msnbc, fox news, or social media and get nothing out of it, except wasting my money. And if i need to buy 3000 books to understand something or continuously buy an individuals book series…its most likely that its a hustle to make money instead of bringing awareness. Because goalpost shifting.

Sorry for the tangent but anyways…As for the contrary views at the end of the day dont hold up…even though they may make some valid points about the esoteric offshoot views. But when compared to source perspective, the contrary views just do not work ethically.

As for some other similarly related issues…its subjective and not objective…im not in the mood to engage in one upping of opinions…

But yeah havent been reading as much…went from 20 pages a day… to like reading some pages per month. With a month break…in between.


I don’t know why, but I learn so much better via lectures than with books these days.

I’m pretty sure I have aphantasia though, so that probably explains a lot of it. Somehow looking at charts and shit is even easier when somebody is pointing to them or just showing slides that correlate to what they’re talking about. Having to reference graph 1-A from page 22 when I’m elsewhere just doesn’t stick in my brain because I literally can’t see it.

Fucking weird shit to discover later in life, lol


Epictetus discourses are really helpful psychologically id recommend reading it solely for general mental health…

Didnt expect such an effect from stoic philosophy…i also have meditations by marcus aureilius…i dont have letters from seneca…but if epictetus helps with mental health i would assume other ancient stoic philosophers would be similar.

Also the 50th law by 50cent and robert greene examines street smarts in a real academic philosophical context to a degree. Some good realistic ideas in here…even though it is a commercial product it does offer a little realism on how to handle certain situations.



Going to try to put this whole thing into my tiny peanut brain. Huaaaaah


I havent been keeping up with my reading…

I will try to use my reading to block out the year of 2024


Reading some books on Game Design (from a Humble Bundle) atm, but nothing awesome that I would really recommend so far.


Got 100 years of solitude.

I havent been reading though…

Im trying to finish epictetus…but some of the ideas ive already thought of myself…beforehand…or have come across in other mediums so…

I feel like i should be reading but i have no desire to.


I think I over-read before Covid. I had a lot of downtime in my office and I could get away with reading PDFs, so in a 2-3 year span I read:

Atlas Shrugged
The Fountianhead
Some Ayn Rand short stories
War and Peace
Anna Karenina
The Trial (and another Kafka book I can’t remember the name of, but it was about I guy who turns into a bug)
The Tale of Genji
Meditations (by Aurelius)
Moby Dick
A Tale of Two Cities
Great Expectations
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
How to HTML and CSS
a book on engine design
a book on racecar aerodynamics
a book on racecar setup (you can tell when I started getting desperate)

So yeah, knocked a lot off my to-do list there and haven’t felt the urge to read much beyond periodicals, the occasional manual, and a few fanfics the last 2 years. I’m OK with that.


I havent been reading much…

Im thinking about buying the kybalion…hermetic philosophy…

But its like will i read it if i buy it…also is it worth buying and am i getting the right book…

So yeah…


So I ordered the kybalion…

I want to see if some ideas in there are similar to some ideas that ive arrived at on my own or have come across in the past.

I hope that i find some new thoughts…


That’s an impressive list @White_Noise

I’ve read most of those (not the racing stuff) but over a span of many years.

Lately I’ve been binging on National Geographic, Science News and The Planetary Report.

Lots of short pieces of mind candy with pretty pictures.

Helps to push away the Mindless Chaos of The Dreaded Day Job :exploding_head:


And it’s healthier than drinking too!

I am going for my master’s now, school starts on January 8th. I’ll be doing much more reading then, but all accounting textbooks I’m afraid. The CPA exam knows no mercy, and it doesn’t care how interesting a read Genji was.