The books we are reading


I have war and peace. I was only able to get up to a certain point like 150 pages in…

But also a lot of common folk didnt know how to read and write…it wasnt deliberate conspiracy it was just a matter of having access to resources…and having the resources to preserve such material…

Also a lot knowledge was lost due to war and the sacking of civilizations…or lost in translation…if it werent for the library of alexandria being discovered and other stuff…we would not have learned of socrates, plato, and other stuff…


I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right, that probably played a big role until about 1600 or so (I’m going some years after the printing press was invented in 1440). I’m no literature major, but I wonder if anyone has tracked the evolution of character class variety in literature over time.

That’s a much more useful statistic to have than “what percentage of cats that have ever lived had a british monarch die within their lifetime?”. That one in quotes is a real one I wondered last week, but pretty useless to know so I haven’t looked into it.


I am looking forward to my order of the ‘Ura Linda’. The hidden history of northwest europe amongst many other things.


That sounds pretty fascinating. If only I could lounge and read all day.


I downloaded new reader
It also works on older Windows OS. You just need to unpack the archive and find the program in the folders.


The hagakure…

It is basically another antithesis/rebuttal to macchiavelli.

It is a guide on how to live in the world of game of thrones…the eddard stark/soldier version.

It is different though it even offers advice on how to deal with macchiavellis…

Also the idea of seppuku…even though i disagree with the act…demonstrates a hard truth about the world…that if you fail to perform your responsibilities as a person you are expendable.

Disclaimer im not condoning seppuku.


I went back to Salem’s Lot after fuck knows how many years, not as good as my memories but still a great one


Finished the hagakure…it was indirectly anti existential and anti macchiavelli simultaneously. It was a good book.


Started reading web dubois…

Better than the media and social media commentary.


I’m currently reading “The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity” by David Graeber and David Wengrow on the origins of long-term inequalities and forms of organizing human societies. Too early to say how much I really like it and/opr agree, and I’m interested in a lot of the topics covered, so I’m a bit biased, but so far I think it’s a good read with a few long shots while taking into account a lot of evidence. (I have to post a comparison of these long-shot type books on explaining everything about humanity at some point, I think I read like a dozen of those over the last few years…)