The books we are reading


I got marcus aureilius and epictetus, testaments handmaids tale sequel, and waiting on w.e.b dubois…

Thats it im done…

I got these books because some rhetoric still bothers me…

Will read… these books and others when its butfuck 12 degrees fahrenheit.


I read Still this Sound by Mitchell Sigman.

This book shows how to make a multitude of sounds with all digital synths. Very educational and it allowed me to demystify the sound design process.

It takes a little effort but it’s worth it. esp if you are a beginner in Sound Design !


At the same time, I you like novel, I recently read 3 books from Luca Di Fulvio and I loved them, esp “The boy who granted dreams”, a childish book that makes you dream :slight_smile:


I still like to crack open James George Frazer’s “The Golden Bough” once in a while. While it is problematic in its attitude towards some indigenous cultures still a good source of inspiration if you want to think with mythology.


The handmaids tale sequel testaments is more engaging than the first book…better story and better written…

So far ive only read like 44 pages.



A gift from a friend… an original “Committee Print” of a

prepared for
first session
by the
Science Policy Research Division
Congressional Research Service
Library of Congress


[Revised October 1977]

A fascinating read and great little piece of History. It has lots of contributions from the likes of Carl Sagan, Frank Drake (of the Drake Equation) John C. Lily and other members of “The Order of the Dolphin.”

I’ve been a member of The Planetary Society since it was started by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murry and Luis Friedman in 1980.

This pamphlet is like GOLD to me. :sunglasses:


Got the diary of anne frank. Will read eventually and it is the last book on my reading list

Been reading testaments…the story is way more compelling than the handmaids tale. Up to page 255. Would recommend.

Wetoo stories of sex work and survival…very graphic yet insightful. Topics discussed arent g rated. I would recommend this book.

Gone girl…
Very boring i saw the movie…the book is boring…because the story is about writers. It would be better if the characters werent writers.

Virginia wolf short stories the book i got its like reading a bunch of literary exercises.

Hood feminism is basically a facebook status update essay turned into a book. I wouldnt recommend because it regurgitates rhetoric and dissects it, its not insightful.

Anti machiavel highly recommend its a point by point rebuttal of machiavelli.

Have gotten around to web dubois writings…
The web dubois book has souls of black folk, from dusk till dawn, and other writings…its a few books in one plus essays kind of book…its about 1500 pages long no double space.


@bfk short stories aren’t Woolf’s strong suit IMO. I know the Modernists can be a bit hard to take (Personally, I can’t stand most of Joyce’s work). Maybe try Mrs. Dalloway or To The Light House. The Waves is ultimately pretty good but a bit of a slog at times. Her most fun book is Orlando, if you don’t mind a main character who lives multiple centuries and changes sex from time to time, it is a really fun read, quite unlike most of her work.

I ended up having to take my senior seminar on Woolf and thought I didn’t like her work but was wrong. I wrote my thesis for that class on Orlando.


Joyce james?..

Also Thank you for the recommendations.
I also got room of ones own by woolf.

Also in the short stories she uses dalloway a lot in multiple stories interestingly enough.

But yeah if anything ill think ill get orlando once im done reading the other books.

But yeah im mostly looking for seeds that planted trees and or the entire tree… as opposed to the tree branch and its leaves. In regards to certain topics. If that makes sense.

Im Reading certain topics as a form of self therapy.



Yea not a huge James Joyce fan. But I get why people like his work.

I think Orlando is the move. It feels more like a really good sci-fi/fantasy read.

I don’t think I’ve read A Room if One’s Own.


Finished the handmaids tale sequel.

It was a really good read.


The Ethical Slut by Jamie W. Hardy and Dossie Easton. It is a cultural and practical guide to polyamory, ethical non monogamy, etc. I read an old edition a decade ago without all the cultural context. I’d recommend this read to even monogamous people.
The practical portion is about consent and boundaries which is useful to anyone.


Thank you.


Reading anne franks diary…

Because its way better than reading feminism hashtag on social media feeds…

After that im gonna try to get through reading gone girl…

Because gone girl even though its fictious…after seeing the movie…the story is an example of why mens rights are being advocated by some.

Reading these kind of books…its way less toxic than looking at social media pseudo intellectual posts in vein of certain hashtags…

Im trying to do a contrast of themes thing with my reading.


Last last last last books…

The hagakure…


The jungle book by rupyard kipling


I got hagakure…i read like 4 pages

So far those 4 pages blow the shit out of all the social media stuff that i see…

Oddly enough…

I starting to see similar ideas in different forms in regards to different topics that ive read.

Some of these ideas seem to have been borrowed and have exerted influence…its almost as if they are common intrinsic human traits that are being expressed…

Or maybe what im seeing is the result of different cultures interacting with each other over a span of millenia…



^yo…free knowledge for those that need to save to afford a car that can drive them to the library.


I read War and Peace and the Tale of Genji through there. I can recommend either, though both will take a while to get through. I think I said this before but it might have still been on the old forum, but Genji isn’t that interesting by modern standards, but it IS the first thing we’d look back and consider a novel today. What is interesting about that is the lack of variety in the characters, they’re pretty much all politically connected members of the royal court, which sounds boring until you realize that there’s absolutely no mention of the merchants and peasants that make this royal lifestyle possible in hundreds of pages of surviving text, even in passing. Just interesting to see where literature started and how it has become much more democratized in the intervening millennium when you compare it to something like War and Peace where the main characters spend time with the peasants, or something like a Charles Dickens novel where several of the characters will be from lower classes.


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