The books we are reading


So i got the kybalion…

I skipped the intro…

But a synopsis of the laws…are very similar to some of my own observations about things.

A bit wierd that ive come to similar conclusions as a book of which has been around longer than ive been alive has

No its not conformation bias…

Maybe i just brain similarly…


I knew I’d find this post if I scrolled up hard enough :smiley:

I gave up on this the first time around, but I’m giving this another go, years and years later. Might come in handy for automating some scripts, and I feel like I have more motivation to actually stick with Linux this time, even if Windoze is still home base.


Books read in 2023 - Here’s my top 5:

Tender is the flesh [Agustina Bazterrica] - This is one of those phenomenal books that make you think a lot & stays with you long after you’ve finished it. Brutal. You should absolutely read it. Don’t even read about it so as not to spoil anything. Just read it. You will see what I mean!

Faith, Hope & Carnage [Nick Cave & Sean O’Hagan] - Conversations about life, death, love & moving on from tragedy. Nick Cave doesn’t hold back.

The complete fiction [H.P. Lovecraft] - This one was over 1,000 pages long! What’s cool about it is that it is in chronological order, which helps see how Lovecraft developed as a writer, from a young, average copycat to the fiction visionary he became. There’s a little foreword before every story from a Lovecraft authority, which adds cool insight and depth you may missed without these.

Nothin’ but a good time [Richard Bienstock & Tom Beaujour] - Fascinating, hysterical at times. I know most folks will cringe at “hair metal” (so do I for most of those bands). What makes this book great is the way it shows how the cynical music industry worked behind the scenes in those days and the levels of dedication from the bands who made it. You gotta give them that. These bands really never had a “plan B”.

Slenderman - Online Obsession, Mental Illness, and the Violent Crime of Two Midwestern Girls [Kathleen Hale] - Crazy research from the author. Bit biased at times yet quite the fascinating depiction.

Curious to see what you guys have!


I feel like the last page of this is basically going to be, “Get good, you’re on your own” but I like the slow introduction as opposed to the overload of technical jargon that most ASM books have going on


I recently read Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” translated into Russian and was inspired by this book, besides, I love poetry of Beatniks. Also, I’m reading Hemingway’s Fiesta right now.


Rediscovered while the family was cleaning some deep dark storage in the garage…

The Western Intellectual Tradition - from Leonardo to Hegel

Worth re-reading after all these years. Great passage early on about how Humanity achieves progress as long as at least one side of any debate or controversy is tolerant. When both sides dig in on their point of view, things fall apart and generally war is the result. (Sound eerily familiar?)

I just finished the chapter on the Elizabethan Age. Next up… The Puritan Revolution. Which speaks to me…. I’m a Native New Englander…. I understand those people even though I left them long ago for the Enlightenment of California :sunglasses::sparkles:


Just started this one:

The Emory University sociologist who coined the term languishing—low-grade mental weariness that affects our self-esteem, relationships, and motivation—explores the rise of this phenomenon and presents a comprehensive guide to flourishing in a world that demands too much.”