Soundtrack qawm or whatever...?


It is teknomages idea…but my thinking is to have everyone do a soundtrack to like a theme or something general like the life cycle of a star…or whatever…

Im thinking it could be a qawm or a beat battle or a compilation or something

I think a soundtrack qawm would be most feasible because everyone can pick their own thing to make a soundtrack too…


I think its a cool idea, I’m not sure I’ll participate as I only have so much creative energy and I’m pushing that in a totally opposite direction of a project like this.

I say just do it even if its only like 3-4 people and only 2-3 people finish it. If it ends up being pretty cool shoot it to the netlabel.


You should do it anyways, what’s the worse that’s gonna happen?


To be perfectly honest it really is just limited time and energy and I have more inspiration for my current project than Ive had for music in almost two years.


I can understand where you’re coming from. You don’t want to mess up the flow.

My original idea, was to compose to a piece of a movie/film, so I think Movie/Film Score rather than soundtrack would be a better term. If you are making a piece of music to an assumed film without the visual part for people to see where the ideas come from, it’s more like an instrumental piece of music. Although a film score is generally instrumental in nature, it’s structure is born from the visual queues in the piece of film itself and needs to evolve in the directions of the film clip.

This makes it pretty time consuming, and much thought has to go into it before you even play a single note. It’s a very niche genre, that I don’t think many people are interested in here. It also needs a little bit more setting up, as in what genres people are interested in doing, then which movie from those genres. The clips need to be made and so on. Is it time consuming? Yes. Do you learn new stuff? Yes. Is it rewarding? I think so, but that’s me.

Official soundtrack qawm thread october 18th to december 12th

I think I might me in on this one. I’ll either post something in a couple weeks or disappear completely.

We’ll see.



What’s your current project yo?


cosmic flow bro