Official soundtrack qawm thread october 18th to december 12th


Alright this qawm is a bit longer than a month because of the upcoming holidays.

For this qawm each individual is going to pick something to make a soundtrack to…whether it be a theme or a movie…or a movie they would like to see made…or a series

Basically this qawm your going to pretend that your hans zimmer or junkie xxl or whomever making a soundtrack for a film or series of your choice.

So basically pretend that your doing the scoring for a film…or series…

Apologies for redundancies…just trying to be clear.

You can start now…

But the deadline is december 12th.

Have fun and good luck.


I might do trigun, the sandman, or something idk…it might be one of those three if i get around to it.


@RFJ @Roo_Stercogburn @White_Noise @Creepr


I’m so stoked to hear what peeps make, I have a friend who makes super great stuff. KV on soundcloud. He rips man

Here’s a YouTube link he sent


A the moment I’m just over halfway through that Dune 2021 clip.

Here’s a link to the clip so anyone can watch it, and if interested in giving it a go, download it. It’s taken from the trailers and featurettes that appeared on Youtube. I cut them together with the idea to make it easier to compose to. It starts with scenes on Caladan, then to Arrakis, and then to the action scenes. Ending with the worm coming out of the sand… Although it does jump around a bit in each scene, it’s usually within the same planet, bar the action section. It’s not in chronological order, but that’s not important. It’s about three minutes long, so it’s doable even if you’ve never tried this kind of thing.

Here’s the link, which should be active for the next 30 days.


made a derp for qawm what it is a soundtrack to idk…


Look forward to what people come up with.


Here’s the Dune track with video. As there is still a month to the end, I’ll attempt to put something together based on The Butlerian Jihad.


So I made this piece with this thread in mind. The style of the piece fits the challenge here although I do not have a film clip I am composing this to / for. Most of the stuff I try and make these days is live / pseudo live performance. So far this is as close to actual live as I have been able to get.

This piece does not contain any preplanned midi of any kind. All notes and structure of the piece was made in real time as you see it played on Push 2. To accomplish this I had to use some max4live devices and an application called Push Hacker 2. On its own Push is great for launching clips and composition assistance but, like so many electronic music devices, not particularly suited for making live music.

So in keeping at least with the theme here this is a piece of soundtrack film score type production. I’d envision it in a film about deep space like Interstellar, Dune, or the like. It’s my goal to do two more of these by the deadline but we’ll see what time allows. Hopefully this fits the criteria and I’m not too out of bounds. If I am just let me know and I’ll ban myself for a week.


You are within the criteria.

That was very good. :slight_smile:

It even sounded good through my phone speaker.
The voices added to the ambience.


I listened to this last week on my phone. Just today and n my headphones. This is solid too, man. I really like tracks that strive to create atmosphere and mood more than anything else. You definitely achieve that with your haunting chord progression in your piece.

The dissonance is nice too, subtle, not overdone. It sits right in the middle harmony and dissonance. The juxtaposition works nicely. Been a fan of your work for probably going on a decade now. I’d say the stuff you’ve been doing over the last 5 years has been my favorite.

Much appreciate the listen and feedback. Good to hear it sounds passable on a phone speaker. Unfortunately I think the bass gets lost, at least on my phone, and it’s the bass line that helps it move along a bit, especially in the beginning before the other elements all get going.

Thanks again for the listen and feedback. Looking forward to seeing what else comes from this project here.


This is very impressive too. Really nice synth work that definitely fits the imagery of the film. The transitions are nice as well, especially the first one that happens at about 50 seconds in. Love the Juno-esque vibes you have going on throughout the piece. And again, really impressed how you brought it all together with the Dune footage.


As I said previously, either in this thread or the other one, soundtrack is very broad in scope, and yes your track fits the criteria. I really like the track. It has a kind of old trance feel to it. Like when everybody has there hands in the air gently swaying from side to side. Don’t think I mean that it doesn’t fit the criteria. Think of how many tracks that you hear that make you think about certain movies, like Scooter’s “Fire”, or Fluke’s “Zion”. So don’t you dare ban yourself from the challenge, even if you only get time to do one more track. But, may I give you a little challenge for the next track if you o.k with it. This would be a track without drums.


That would be the transition between Caladan and Arrakis. For Arrakis I wanted to bring a slight ethereal feel of the spice, rather than the harsh desert.

The old reliable JV1010. The whole track is in Eb minor pentatonic. I started by holding a 3rd or a 5th chord for the whole length of each scene and used that as a base to work on, so that goes on quietly through the track.

This was a bit awkward, because I only had the trailer footage to work with, so a lot more cuts than I would have liked. I took the trailers and chopped them up and rearranged them into sections with a similar feel. It’s one of the reasons a call it film-score rather than soundtrack, but I really enjoy doing music this why (realized this doing ghost in the shell), but the visuals need to be inspiring.
For the next frack I won’t have any film clips to work with, just the written word, so we’ll have to see how I go.


I just wanted to say big up to ya’ll and that I’m looking forward to hearing the collected final results : )


we submit here right?


Currently working on the video for The butlerian Jihad. This will be composed of text taken from Dune and The Dune Encyclopedia and not the Brain Herbert book. Then I’ll compose the music to the text, so you can read the story of what started the Jihad, while you listen to the music.


Checked out all the tracks, really interesting stuff in here! We should def make an IDMf “Soundtrack for the End Times” album or something like that!

I have been working on something for one of my game projects over the last few days:


More like time beneninging amirite?


Great seeing all the activity in the thread and the tracks posted over the last couple weeks. Listened to @metaside track last week. Really great sounding piece, with that unmistakable sound of yours. Enjoyed @moodorf subs too, especially the most recent track with the video. I’ve never seen Renoise in action like that. Very cool! @Gaki 16 min epic I only ticked through. More than ticked through but haven’t listened to all 16 min, yet. Interesting though what I’m hearing so far. I’ll try and hit the full thing on the way to work one of these days next week.