Official soundtrack qawm thread october 18th to december 12th


More like time beneninging amirite?



Great seeing all the activity in the thread and the tracks posted over the last couple weeks. Listened to @metaside track last week. Really great sounding piece, with that unmistakable sound of yours. Enjoyed @moodorf subs too, especially the most recent track with the video. I’ve never seen Renoise in action like that. Very cool! @Gaki 16 min epic I only ticked through. More than ticked through but haven’t listened to all 16 min, yet. Interesting though what I’m hearing so far. I’ll try and hit the full thing on the way to work one of these days next week.



For this piece I’m using a generative sequencer called ACDGEN. The device allows you to generate melodies and transpositions on the fly for dynamic performance. Bass, lead & vocal are being generated by ACDGEN. The pad is generated in real time as well using POLYFORM which receives midi from an ACDGEN instance and turns in into a chord. I’ve found both devices to be excellent for generating new ideas and assisting with live performance. The vocal you hear is from the poet David Whyte’s poem titled - The Bell & The Blackbird.


Yee, thanks :slight_smile: