Official soundtrack qawm thread october 18th to december 12th



For this piece I’m using a generative sequencer called ACDGEN. The device allows you to generate melodies and transpositions on the fly for dynamic performance. Bass, lead & vocal are being generated by ACDGEN. The pad is generated in real time as well using POLYFORM which receives midi from an ACDGEN instance and turns in into a chord. I’ve found both devices to be excellent for generating new ideas and assisting with live performance. The vocal you hear is from the poet David Whyte’s poem titled - The Bell & The Blackbird.


Yee, thanks :slight_smile:


Very relaxing, made me think of time-lapse going through a day.

Now, this had a more Medieval fell to if. A solemn part after a loss of some kind. Nice use of strings.


First I thought this was going to be dystopian sci-fi, but then it went into what made me think of decayed inner city industrial. Very much like a lot of the early U.K synth stuff.


Really liking that! I don’t know what genre your game is, or what it’s back story is, but this put me in a jungle. Not necessarily on Earth. It’s the voices and tribal sound to it.

Well I’m up for it, if the NetLabel is.


This has a driving through woods in the sunlight, with light flashing between the branches of the trees. Probably the arpeggiation that gives it that feel.


<3 thanks i enjoy just inserting sounds and junk


Deadline this weekend!


Just gotta make some adjustments to the video; change some text and extend it a bit to fit the length of the track.


Here ya go.


made a soundtrack…to trigun…basically its a soundtrack to knives enacting his plan that causes a human colonizing ship to be stranded on planet gunsmoke.


Everyone has their subs in?


here are the subs








Well that was pretty hectic. I know you’re one of the glitch crowd, and I won’t pretend to understand the genre. Had to look up the movie, which kind of surprised me knowing your general dislike of Anime, but it explains the hecticness. would be cool to here it with the scene to watch too.



My reviews…

Good work, it is very 80s. It is mixed well because i can hear most of the elements on my phone. The video editing you did is great…i couldnt do that kind of editing. A lot of props syncing the music to the video. A lot of props for making a good music video :slight_smile: the melancholy atmosphere compliments the video. It feels bleak. Sound design could be pushed further for my taste. But your work is solid.

Beautiful ambience. Im jelly of your gear. Both peices have a very bright and cheerful atmosphere. Its like a soundtrack to a happy ending of a movie.

Orchestral very nice. Its like an instrumental vsnares track without the drums…i get szamar madar type vibes even though there arent any drums

Yup definitely fits as a soundtrack to a game. Clean mix sound design is top notch. Everything is technically and musically good. As far as atmosphere it is open ended. But it does definitely fit as a score to some kind of video game.

Very ambient. I feel like this could be shorter and still achieve the same effect. It does have the boc kind of tape detune synths but again the ambient drone could be cut to half of its time. It is very hazy like a trip on shrooms. Technically solid…musically its not my thing. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for participating.
Good work peeps.



Trying to get the year closed out here. Christmas coming and all that. I intend on listening to all these tracks again and posting thoughts. Sorry I’m running behind.

Really great to see this come to fruition.


Im going to make it longer, and even dronier


I apologize for any tinninitus you got from listening to my experiments…

As for my netlabel stuff id say thank you.
But on my bandcamp page 60% of the stuff is forgettable, the other 20% need polishing mix and composition wise and could be turned into something…
20% id say is up to par.

If i somehow influenced you to make good music and think outside the box…then i consider it mission accomplished.

Just saying thank you for listening to both my good and bad musical experiments over the years.