Soundcloud is dead lol the fake accounts with the comments and messages

anyone get messages and comments from scouts and fake accounts claiming to represent labels asking to follow links in their bio or some nonsense about getting 80 billion plays with a repost or something…if you do something…you know for promotion…im like is this really real…its almost similar to all the online dating scams lmao…

why the thread…because of the because behind the because thats why

tbh i stopped tagging my tracks trying to get listens cause laziness and i don’t care anymore…

but i suck anyway so post, dont post…or ban me for remaking/making a majority of the threads on idmf, your choice lol


I absolutely will do no such thing. In this time of crisis we need some @bfk

I’ve literally not really looked at sound cloud in years, I just store WIPs there

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yeah …i dont engage in the community aspect of it to me it seems like its dropped off due to shenaningans

me thinks communities are dying off cause of the whole social media tracking thing… and troll bots …and also privacy and the internet is a bit of an oxymoron…also the internet tends to attract certain demographics, also not trying to insult anybody just being real because im almost somewhat part of that demographic just by my participating…

but bandcamp is still going strong though…i think…as far as getting music out there…

but as for streaming services…im gonna say artists following artists i mean yeah community but in trying to reach a wider audience gonna have to go beyond a comfort zone…i mean is it art if only an artist thinks its art and the non artist sees it as nothing more than an object…you know?

to me something is art only if art can be looked at by both the non artist and the artist as art…silly wording but i hope the idea translates well and im also keeping in mind that art is subjective…

but as for hosting a music scene on the net…i dont think it translates well beyond a certain point…i mean you cant go to raves on the internet…

if there is platform in 30 years for the advent of vr forums that would be fucking something though and it would be fucking scary too


Those scouts/fakes are the only interaction my soundcloud gets. I report them if there’s nudity in the account image (which I do get every now and then). But other than that I just ignore it. Pretty cool that my likes/listens ratio is like 300% I guess.


Yea, same. If I public anything it is the only shit I get as well. SC was only good for the groups it used to have. They don’t seem to exist now.

It’s literally where I private my shit, it’s all. It has a good player, a good system…just no way to get people to hear it. Hell, I figure most of us don’t even listen to each other’s stuff there, freely.

Bandcamp seems more prevalent to that regard.


I only use it to share music with groups of people I meet in real life. I cant imagine trying to track in real listeners on that platform. I think it’s just a pay to play business card for musicians attempting to buy there way into a music scene with fake legitimacy. Other than dealing with complete saturation it probably works well because lots of artist seem to be using it.


So, like a couple days ago I uploaded an entire album there, all at once…


yeah, you can see their target audience.


I wonder if any 12-year-old EDM broducer is still falling for these. Better yet, I’m trying to figure out what they even do once they get everyone’s shitty tracks. That’s like asking for somebody to shit in a cup for you. I guess they make money on people buying followers still?

These spammers should migrate to BC, so they can spend $5 on your tracks and then advertise in their review. That would be a pretty good system; BC gets paid, you get paid, and they get to advertise.

Same. Once a year I get an actual mini-review and my ego goes up by .2 points (or down, depending on the reiew).

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Do you even make Rap? Harley Davis (lol Harley Davidson Motorcycles?) the dude’s name says he is a “Rap Scout”


With their entry-level plan of me tranferring $499.99 to their paypal account they promised me lots of listens, fame and likes. They really love everything I do, so I’m considering to switch my career into raps because that’s what kids like these days. Thank you HARLEY DAVIS RAP SCOUT, I’m finally getting all that recognision I deserved!


It’ll be the most fire decision you’ll ever make.

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that has got to be the greatest gif ive ever seen on the internet…ace dude
fuckin ace

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I really want that dumpster fire gif as my idmf forum avatar

So I deleted my soundcloud back in 2016 because I saw it was dying and when they got rid of groups there was really no reason to be there. Soundcloud forgot they were good not only because you had fans there, but because you could talk with other musicians as well. I think they got further and further away from what they were, and it just became a tool that could no longer compete. I recreated my soundcloud, and I have gotten way more re-post than I used to get, but to extremely lower numbers. I’d say 10 times less than what would happen back in the real days of soundcloud. I generally now use it for music I would like to upload, but wouldn’t put on spotify.

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You still use SoundCloud?

There’s the problem right there.


well there isnt really a good alternative for quick’n’easy audio upload with social functions…

the only thing that would come sortof close is audius, but that requires whats likely a cryptominer to run in the background while you listen and use the site… : /

on top of that the audio upload functionality there doesnt work that well for me

So if SC isn’t where you upload besides the cloud, what is an alternative?

I upload to SC for the simplicity of listening myself. However, I used to love the groups so I’d be able to share things Willy nilly…people I didn’t even know would listen. I understand volume and mix differences might make that annoying for listeners but it definitely doesn’t seem WIP/ production anymore.

New sites out there?

I still have a free account over at…not to everyone’s taste, but it’s pretty close to what SC used to be…they even have Groups and offer Live streaming.


Weird question, but does that site seem almost unGoogleable? I made an account on there like 5 years ago (damn, has it been that long?) and it would never in a million years show up in a google search.

Also is the community good on there with the groups? I could consider joining for that reason alone despite some other flaws compared to SC