Soundcloud is dead lol the fake accounts with the comments and messages


To me it still seems much smaller as compared to the old SC when they still had groups. I started a few HT groups long ago and there are some people posting regularly, but it’s not as active as the old SC groups and not sure how many people use groups to listen. I hope it’s still growing.


Don’t know what the issue was you had regarding googling HT…it’s always seemed to show up just fine for me and anyone who’s done a search for me on there via google. I just tried googling my account and it shows up right at the top on google, as expected.

As for the groups thing…not sure…never used it…all I know is they have em, so what metaside said I guess.

There’s the basic free account, which lets you upload as many Tracks or Mixes you want, but is limited to 300 MB per week…and they can only be in the MP3 files format.

The premium account, which costs €4.99 per month / €29.99 per year, gives you the following…

unlimited uploads

automatic tracklisting

MP3, WAV, AIF, M4A, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA file support

choose your waveform color for detail page - two different waveform styles: soft or digitized

choose between 96, 128, 192, 256, 320 kbit/s or original (mp3 only) play quality of your uploads

Lossless, High Fidelity audio streaming

hide statistics below the waveform

+600 Credit Points (feature 6 uploads for free)

YouTube Background Video visualization

Detailed Statistics

Premium features in mobile apps (…not sure what this even means or why mobiles apps would be different in the first place.)

They also give you the option of registering as an official Artist, Label or Producer, which enables you to sell to listeners directly via PayPal.

All in all, HT seems to be moving in the right direction, but I guess it all depends on what you want to do…but it certainly offers some useful tools. It seems to have grown a fair bit since it launched, but, tbh, I don’t really hear that much about it online…not sure if folks are even all that aware of it. Still, I find it a good compliment to / replacement for SC.


Every track that I’ve checked out on here has been from SoundCloud, for what it’s worth.

I’ve never heard of HeartThis, but I’m going to check it out.

Edit: I’ve made a free account on HeartThis and checked it out. Searched “braindance” and “idm” for a while. So far, mostly seeing hour-long mix’s and bland tracks. So far not so good. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction?


With soundcloud; within the first 2 minutes of me uploading something; gets “liked” by at least one person, who turns out to be a promoter who will promote it in exchange for payment. One of my tracks has 3 hearts with no listens to the track; and if I allow a free download track, I will get spam downloaders with no listens from them either. I have even seen popular artists write me that they don’t use soundcloud anymore.


soundcloud never anticipated their early meteoric rise.
I was there at the start. Everyone left soundclick to go to the new kids on the block…soundcloud.
They were ambitious at the beginning. It had a forum ( which was troll-central ), and they had features like a page for new apps to try…all cutting edge stuff at the time.
Then they ran out of money because with all their ambition, they didn’t budget for large enough servers, so they had to be bailed out.
As soon as they were bailed out, the last few remaining vestiges of customer-pleasing features like “group”, were casually thrown over the side of the balloon.

However…soundclouds loss is’s gain
Hearthis is soooo much better !!
Bigger, more customizable profiles
You can stream WAV…not the stingey 128kb mp3 that soundcloud gives us.
Tons more features
Besy part…its HALF the price of soundcloud for a yearly membership.
Don’t let soundcloud rip you off.