Softsynths & FX Thread


Well they’ve thought of everything now haven’t they? Very cool. Thanks!


That looks like a rabbit hole! I’ve been wanting that type of feature set in Abletons FX racks for years now, looks like a dubmixing WEAPON.


Bluecat has a couple of secret weapons in that vein, they also have MB7 which lets you multiband process anything with the same hosting capabilities as late replies:

and brand new is Connector, which would have solved many problems for me when I was trying to do video tutorials a few years ago (windows by default has trouble routing audio from a daw into something like OBS). Think I’m going to pick this up just to have in case I need it for something weird down the line. Tons of stuff out there in this vein for Mac, but this is the first time I’ve seen a program like this on the PC side.

This mostly isn’t stuff I need, but it’s powerful and I haven’t seen elsewhere. I keep it in the back of my mind for when this stuff does come up.


If someone is looking for a fun glitchy multieffect, Stutteredit 2 is on sale for around 10 bucks (94% off) at Pluginboutique until end of this month. Izo is pushing out lots of updates you don’t necessarily need imho, but this was a good one imho. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that the pattern/sequence length is still extremely limited, but it’s meant to be controlled with MIDI input. A really versatile thingy, one of my fav multieffects beside Shaperbox.


I’ve got that, yeh its quite good fun.


Anyone who has Rob Papen’s Predator 3, there’s a patch from a few days ago that makes it more stable.

I found this out the hard way so you don’t have to :rofl:


If you have softsynths or effects that you like, don’t update Ableton to 11.1.1 - it’s a complete trainwreck.

  1. you have do update manually
  2. your VST library gets broken somehow, rescanning might take longer than expected and it does not necessarily help with all plugins - this is confirmed by posts in the Ableton forums, some Admin says it will be fixed with the next update, but…
  3. …now I get the error “Live failed to update. Restart Live to try again” everytime I open Live…

So if you like your VSTs and VSTis and/or your time, you probably want to skip this one…


I haven’t gotten anything since Black Friday, but I had to break down and pick up Baby Audio Crystalline. I was basically interested in it for two things:

  1. Both pre-delay and decay times can be set tempo-synced in beat divisions to your track, which I’m curious about.

  2. It has a reverse button built in. Not a envelope to make it sound like a reversed reverb, it can reverse the buffer. Has a freeze mode too, which is why I’m pretty sure they’re actually messing with the buffer.

Sound quality seems fine for the $50 intro price. It’s not SP2016, but at $50 I’m OK with that. Don’t think I would want it to be my only reverb, or that I would be as satisfied at $100, but as a creative addition to my reverb toolset at the intro/sale price, it seems fine. I’ve also only been playing with it on a single synth stab 20 minutes before bed, so I could be way more impressed if I spend more time with it.


@White_Noise - I seem to remember you like to put reverb on your reverb, with a side of reverb :slight_smile:

Which one is your favorite, if any?

In my case, I tend to somehow stick to Replika XT, Protoverb and MorphVerb, despite having quite a few other good ones, that maybe I should care more about.


I think A.M is still the king of reverb, but that said I know my way around them.

The long Answer

I like Valhalla vintage verb most of the time. You might have to process it going in and out with EQ to get exactly what you want, or indeed send one instance into another to soften it up as much as I want, but I have been able to get everywhere I wanted when that was the only reverb I had.

If you have more money to throw at the problem, I find that I can pretty much just take Eventide SP2016 and throw it on anything and it sounds good. I really like the position slider that lets you slide from the front of the “room” to the back. It just adds an extra layer of control and that is exactly what I need to get my reverb where I want it sometimes.

There’s a lot of effects-type reverbs that can be done out there (shimmer, gating, reverse, ducking, etc). Crystalline covers a lot of that ground and has the bonus of timing pre-delay and decay to beat divisions, which I’ve been playing with and is definitely fun (though it doesn’t have shimmer in the traditional sense, but I’m not really a fan of shimmer so that’s OK with me). Audiority Xenoverb also covers a lot of effects-reverb ground and does have a regular shimmer mode for a lot cheaper.

In the free realm, I like the old version of Tal-reverb 4 (there’s a newer version with an updated sound engine but I liked the OG fine). It might be difficult to find, but Glaceverb 2 was a good option as well. I haven’t used that one in a while, but I remember it being really good about control of the reflections, it would actually let you tune the reflections and absorptions of the walls in your virtual room. Valhalla has Supermassive which is great if you need something super massive, but honestly I’ve only used it once or twice in actual songs. Supermassive is just too long to be useful a lot of the time. I still use Ambience sometimes, it also has pretty detailed control - I haven’t really dived deep into that one, I usually just find a close preset and tweak. There’s also epicVerb, which last I heard is still only 32-bit, though I think VOS is updating some of their old plugins so hopefully that one gets the upgrade - I used to really like the large/cathedral settings in that one.

Back when I was still a pirate, I used the Lexicon native collection. For the price and the fact that I don’t see any major updates in years, I can’t recommend it. But the one thing I do miss is that every reverb type had it’s own plugin (plate, hall, chamber, etc) and when you loaded each plugin there were only one dozen presets - small, medium, large, XL room size with dark, neutral, or bright filters, and then maybe one or two other variations. I still haven’t used anything else that was that fast to get to the sound I wanted. And before anyone gets worried I haven’t been a pirate since I graduated college and unlocked disposable income. The PCM native collection is the only thing I haven’t re-bought since then, and I still miss it but $700 for those reverbs is a tough sell.

The Short answer: Valhalla vintage verb about 90% of the time. But there’s a lot of great free stuff out there if you want to experiment.


NI Raum is an unexpectedly good reverb. When they threw it in with Komplete I was like oh right, another crapp… oh. This is good.


Cool, I’ll have to check this one.


Yep I got that one when I updated Komplete but I don’t think I’ve ever used it.