Softsynths & FX Thread


If you get a sniff at Knifonium on PA at a good price grab it with both hands and run off cackling with your prize.


I got the email today about PA stuff too. I looked and I don’t really need truepeak or masterdesk (I just got Ozone 9 advanced last week and I’m still thinking about that Softube/Weiss stuff), and then the stuff I was interested in the 2999 coupon didn’t work for. Then I saw that sound theory is doing 35% off on Gulfoss so I’m thinking about that one now (it’s $130 and they say a 35% discount will be applied at checkout so maybe that’s actually $100?). Don’t have any of the smart/active EQs, been looking at demos today and I think I like what that one’s doing most. But it’s thanksgiving here in the US, so I’m going to go have far too large a meal and download the demo. I’ll make a decision next week once I’ve actually paid rent.


Huh. Wasn’t thinking of a synth. But have been wanting something weird to feed the SP16. Ill have to see if the coupon excludes it.

edit: fuck it, I trust you and listened to a few short demos. Pulling the trigger on this for $29USD.

edit edit: shit, also reminded me that I have some Brainworx stuff I already own not installed on my current lappy. Score!


I love it for durty durty bass.


I have to confess, I had a weak moment and upgraded Ableton to Live 11 for just 25% off…


i hate drum programming too… @White_Noise mainly because of software i use.


I can see why. I only just ticked through some presets but seems promising for durty things : )


Just got Byome and Triad for a grand total of $30. Probably the best plugin deal I’ve ever seen in my life


Yea. I was looking at that today. I think Im going to grab it.


I have to say Unfiltered Audio is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. I think the only other plug-in I have from them is the original Sandman delay but since then I’ve been following their new plug-ins and I gotta say from basics to unique, they’ve got some interesting stuff at good prices. I really want to try their LO-FI-AF but I’ll be waiting to be able to buy it on sale.


I’ve got SpecOps. Its fun. Very situational but a bit of a giggle.


I almost pulled the trigger on that instead…but I’m no sound designer and thought I’d mostly spend my time just randomly trying to make it sound good on something. lol


All odosynth plugins is there. There is a link on the top of page to all vsts in one archive.


Yoko & Sunder are really good, too

SpecOps is a lot of fun but I hardly use it in my sound design sessions. It’s not really all that versatile, just kind of spectral FSU fun for an evening and then shelved for a long time afterward. Byome, Triad, Yoko and Sunder are pretty cool to use all year round


This. But those times… yeehaw :slight_smile:


I will check out Yoko and Sunder for sure.


VCV Rack 2 seems to be out now, but the VST version is not free :frowning: Looks nice though.
Guess I have to play around a bit with Unreal Metasounds instead.


Acustica has Sienna on sale for 45 USD after currency conversion (which is less than Sonarworks). That includes a system-wide utility that corrects headphone frequency response and really, really good room simulation. I’m trying it now and I’m sold. My only complaint is IDK how to auto-launch this with windows, but I’m going to be consuming all content and working in the DAW like this from now on. I don’t hear the room simulation, but I hear the space in my mixes a whole lot better.

Load up Sienna, select your headphones, select a room with a set of speakers you like, and don’t look back.


This thing is pretty cool. The demo lasts fully-featured for 90 days so you can get used to the quirks and oddities long before you commit, but apparently it’s on a major sale over at JRR until next year. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger because obviously I need more wires. Who doesn’t?



This is your answer to bitwig’s delay, lets you host any VST you want anywhere in the signal chain (input, output, feedback path). I’ve had it on my list for a while, just haven’t needed it that bad.