Softsynths & FX Thread


I’m curious about this one because 1. I want something that’s a slightly better drum sampler than the FPC and 2. My least favorite part of making music, by far, is browsing my sample library (which isn’t great since I want to make house music).

I’m going to be giving this demo a try, thought some of you might like it for IDM-y goodness.


Anybody waiting for some BF deals on stuff you want to get? I’m waiting for Bitwig and Ableton sales to update and a deal at FabFilter to update Timeless and Volcano from v2 to v3 - both pretty cool updates imho, not really revolutionary, but some interesting improvements.


Turns out XLN XO is a direct competitor. Installed both and gave them my sample folders last night to build their databases. Will be testing today.

Both also come with decent sample libraries of their own. I think XLN’s were slightly better but I browsed the included samples on their sample maps for like a minute each last night. I also like XLN’s sample map slightly more so far, the whole thing goes from low pitch to high pitch samples left to right and long samples to short samples top to bottom. Slightly less random than Atlas’ sample map so far. I haven’t tried either with all my samples scanned yet.


At this point, I really don’t need to get anything so hopefully I won’t spend much at all.

Most probably I’ll end up buying preset packs for some of my fave synths if they’re 50% off or something like that.


Spent about an hour today testing Atlas and XO. Both are really fast ways to navigate my sample library and get a drum set up and running. I still think XO is a bit better at that. Both are competent sampler drum machines in their own right, offer multiple outputs, and will let me export midi or samples to my daw/other drum machine of my choice (which is good because I have and have been learning Speedrum for the past few months).

Thankfully, I have another week to demo both and see what’s what. So far, I’d say I could use Atlas by itself, but not XO because Atlas will allow me to pass in MIDI from FL studio and apply randomization to that, but XO will only allow for basic swing and only if I use the built in sequencer. Neither allows layers that I set up with round robins or velocity layers on a single pad, a-la FPC or Speedrum, however Atlas lets me drag and drop samples to speedrum easily enough. XO I haven’t figured that out yet as it wants to render everything to a folder first and then bring that back in for some reason.

Oh also, seriously who is making a paid drum sampler in 2021 that doesn’t let me reverse the sample on a pad XLN? Speedrum and Atlas are both cheaper and have this figured out.


I liked XLN’s drum stuff but found it to be way inferior to Battery once you dig deep. The Midi handling was cool but when I wanted more comprehensive output control it started to show a lack.

Its been a few years since I loaded it so they may have improved it since. I originally got a version of it included with Cakewalk many moons ago.


Bitwig upgrade seem to be around 100€ at jrrshop with all discounts now (still full price at the BW site though) which is pretty good in my book. Waiting for you, Ableton!


Vengeance Avenger moved away from the Codemeter system to simple keyfiles again, so i can finally update from 1.49 to 1.8 without installing additional stuff. Was thinking about selling it but now it kinda feels like I got me a new synth for Black Friday lol…


I’m waiting for that UVI storewide sale for a particularly interesting-looking hybrid synth that I’ve been kind of dying to use for a few years. Some of you might know the one, it’s not too flashy these days but seems to be getting free updates periodically.

Just hoping they do the sale, it seems like they start it later than everybody else.


Sounds like Falcon? I love the options it has, but it doesn’t have the best workflow imho. With all your modular experience you will be fine, it’s just not the first synth I reach for when I want to do something fast. Good luck with getting a good sale price! I spent all my money on the Unreal marketplace getting stuff for my awesome game projects while waiting for a sale at Ableton to compare discounts with Bitwig lol…


Aye Falcon 2 is powerful but interface/ergonmics are a bit meh.


I might, MIGHT, pull the trigger on that Softube Weiss bundle. Maybe next week. Need to see what exactly I end up getting for my birthday money-wise.


You’re totally gonna do it :smiley:


You make it sound like uncle Roo got a birthday money present in store :smile:


Also just found this, take this survey and you get 25% off any and all U-he software - it applies to everything in your cart. Just scored MFM2 for myself, but I think everyone knows here all u-he stuff is good.

I already have and use Diva (on pretty much every track), Hive2, Satin (the first tape saturation I try on every master), and Presswerk (on every drum bus). I was intrigued when they showed off the new MFM at superbooth a few months back, and since that will be a free upgrade I’m taking advantage of the coupon now.


Haha yep, did that survey yesterday. I think I’m going to get Bazille. Just waiting to see if they lower the price already for Thanksgiving, who knows.


Aww, jrrshop cancelled the additional discounts for Bitwig. Still no Ableton dicount. I guess that means no DAW updates for me this year. But I updated Volvano and Timeless.


I don’t know how you get it if you aren’t already a Plugin Alliance member but they have a coupon for three days where you can get almost any plug in they have for $29. I just got it in my email today.

Never mind, it says share with your friends: BFD1-2999

I want to get the Brainworx True Peak Limiter, which the code won’t work for but is still on a good sale ($50), but I’m not sure something else I really want for $29. Might go with Brainworx Cleansweep Pro if I spend any money at all.


I really like some stuff from Pluginalliance, but the crazy sales and coupons and everything kinda makes it hard for me to think of prices > free as good deals… The last stuff I bought from there was with a coupon I bought from someone at KVR reducing the price of 3 expensive plugins dramatically in combi with a sale going on…

That said, I use VSM-3, DSM-V3 and HG-2 a lot and sometimes also Iron, Vitalizer MK2-T, NSEQ-2 and some of the more creative stuff.


Yea, I don’t understand the pricing on there at all and never buy anything expensive unless its a crazy good deal. Really the only two companies they carry that I care about are Brainworx (which, to me, seems absolutely worth the sale prices, Brainworx are on all my mixes these days) and Unfiltered Audio, which is mostly inexpensive (IMO) full price.