Share any music production tips and tricks you discovered


And once when I saw Sunno))) live…


Good to know… I haven’t lost as much hearing :ear: as I thought :thought_balloon:


It’s not a tip but your idea maybe good and try using another vst. Usually daw’s native vsts are bad.


I feel like most DAW native plugins cover the basics, which is super important. Some go above and beyond with a whole modular environment (like Bitwig’s Grid) and really enable you to do a lot of shit without anything external at all.

As far as emulations and crazy shit goes though, I completely agree with you. That extra $$$ is usually worth it when you need the power tools!


I still use 3xOSC in FL Studio.


Make your own instruments, like shakers or drums with metal, plastic, wood, paper or any kind of trash, then record them with whatever you have. There are usually some intricately layered, nasty, happy accidents.


Even a basic smart phone is good enough to record these kinds of samples <3.

Great advice!


Playing around with melody generators and generative music software like Nodal can be fun/helpful.


Apply compression then Sync the attack of a volume envelope with the triggering of a drum hit…

Why not just sidechain you ask…

Moar control of the decay and release of le sample allowing you to play with the length of the adsr envelope.

And because sidechaining is so been there done that.


Weird, I just posted about this too!

Lately I’ve been setting up lots of generative patches in modular environments and it’s insane to just record the weird shit that gets spat out and save it for later. Especially when the gates are triggering independently of the pitch values, so you really never get the same group of sounds twice.

Another fun one is euclidean gates triggering drums or other percussive elements to a 16-beat clock, you can get all sorts of interesting rhythms by stacking up 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, 9’s and even higher quantized values if you’re feeling weird enough :slight_smile:

Also, ratcheting sequencers are fucking cool


I’m not sure what a lot of that stuff is, but I usually just mess with plugins like Cthulhu, Thesys, Improvisator, and Scaler.


I set my iPhone on the dryer… very rich sound with a wide range of harmonics. The wobble of the drum is very regular, but off just enough to give it life. The randomness of the buttons on shirts is a very playful syncopation.

Beauty of the iPhone is it’s with you and ready to go when the moment strikes… and the quality is quite good! :sunglasses:


I’m not sure but i think it is all about mid side .


i definitely agree, too many people follow the ‘rules’ too much and never experiment and its just so uncreative. if it sounds good, it sounds good.


Haas reverb effect.


In short, I read it somewhere. Constantly compare your mix with a professional one. Download a plugin that allows you to isolate parts ( mono and side signals) and compare your mix with someone else’s.


Don’t have the patience for that…


That advice could be really problematic. Just do it once if you have a reasonable purpose, no more than that.


Music is a series of chords.


any sound is technically a chord because of overtones