Share any music production tips and tricks you discovered


Hell yeah, reminds me of chaining up a bunch of boolean logic to make your own probability generators


I think i was wrong. Its all about crazy manipulation with stereo mix and secret crazy manipulations with audio aka mastering.

Nope. Secret in stereo.


You can erase ‘in your face sound’ simply putting phaser/chorus/flanger on it and then make it mono.


If you really want to ruin a mix even faster, just put a super soft limiter on the master

Or just overcompress the shit out of everything, that seems to be everyone’s favorite method these days


Take your kick sample, copy it, pitch it down by an octave, and layer it back in with your original kick. Want to eat up headroom as fast as you can? You’re done.

I’ve actually been doing that for a year, you have to be super careful with it, but it does give your kick an extra octave of range down at the bottom.


This sounds like a potentially great idea, just so long as some of those subs are courtesy-brickwalled off


Since I master my own stuff I handle it then. I want the kick to be the deepest thing anyways, but yes this kind of routing will make you see the wisdom of highpass filters for sure. And possibly gates, since that lower sample is playing at half speed, if your kick had a long tail to begin with that can present its own issues.