RIP Keith Flint

Just saw this a moment ago.

Wtf… RIP

RIP Mr. Flint. I am staying home today from work. Gonna let the day go by with phat beats and angry synth lines in memory of you. Fuck.

RIP :frowning:

I should get that firstarter haircut again in memory, but my hair is too short for it nowadays…

Way too young. RIP man.

Was gutted to be told this earlier today. I still listen to them a lot. Probably not a shock to anyone.

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Worst news I’ve heard in a while. They were one of the biggest influences on me growing up, and I have all their records on vinyl. I was actually just listening to their latest album a few days ago and still impressed at how quality it is.

He’ll be missed - that dude revolutionized Big Beat and UK Techno.


Such an icon from start to end :’( rip

Too bad. Ill have to throw on some Prodigy today. I didn’t think he was that young.

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click The Prodigy
click All Songs (253)
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Man was mental, will be missed dear ol keith!

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This man is such a huge part of my growing up, my teenage years, my music discoveries, my music inspirations… [*]

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Yeah, was he a time traveler or something? 49 doesn’t seem right

I guess he must have been yoouunng when he joined the Prodigy…

Been bummed about it all day. Listened to a bunch of prodigy but it almost made it worse.

Dude was iconic. Hearing it was a suicide was pretty devastating and sad.


The more stories you hear about him the more you find what a genuine nice guy he was.

Holy shit…

I guess I wasn’t around when this thread happened.

Prodigy definitely left a huge impresssion on me through my years. A band that was different than most stuff I heard, I found on MTV. “Smack my Bitch up”? anyone? Then to go in and out with them, as the years passed. So much awesome.

Though I also think they could run something through with too much air play, so much good stuff.

How did I miss this?

I think it’s worth adding to this thread, that the coroner in Essex later concluded, that there wasn’t sufficient evidence for ruling it a suicide (the following quotes are from The Independent):

Essex senior coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray recorded an open conclusion and said: “We will never quite know what was going on in his mind on that date.”

Ms Beasley-Murray said there were no suspicious circumstances and there was no third-party involvement, but she could not conclude that Flint took his own life.

She explained: “Having regard to all the circumstances I don’t find that there’s enough evidence for [suicide].”

link to article


My brother has been a fan of Prodigy since childhood. He has t-shirts, hoodies, badges were with their symbols, etc. etc. I don’t. I was listening to Metallica at the time.

This is really interesting. Alcohol and opiates are a vile mixture, if his death was accidental, that’s just terrible. Just total heart failure.

Still really bummed about this. I was all really hyped about No Tourist as well… the only good thing I can say is they finished up with a banger.

Although I do still think the project can still go forward, it’d be different, but possible. Maybe.

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