REAPER enthusiast thread


Been using reaper for about 5 years now. I love it. My go to mixing daw. Soooooo many routing options. Infact try to think of a way to chain vcv rack into renoise and renoise chained into reaper. You gents have any tips?


I installed Reaper a while ago but I really haven’t been playing around more than a couple of hours with it yet. I mainly use Renoise, but I got Reaper for multitrack recording. Time will show will it be in more use in the future


Have you tried using Reroute?


No I haven’t. Did you mean this?


Yep. It’s a virtual bus that you can open up as a hardware device for any app on the computer that can use audio drivers, and then send it from the bus into reaper. Kinda like rewire, but you can use multiple applications at once. I use it to route signals to max/msp and back. Works very nicely.


I’ll check on it. Thanks!


Total nerd alert. My buddy has a behringer x32 mini. We just got all 32 tracks recording independently through Ethernet. That shit was cool to setup. I must say I am becoming a huge fan of the x32 for the price point.