Post the dreams that you remember having

I’ll go first…

I was gifted a watch the previous day, I then went to bed, got up early and went to an interview, got off the train missed my uber, proceeded to walk to the interview, by the time I got there, I realized that I wanted to change my pants, I went to the interview they said they’ll let me know, as i walked to the bus I noticed some new features, so i played with it, i wound the restart dial back and I was still in the same spot, but I saw my uber drive by…this time i’m wearing different but inappropriate pants, so I walked to the train station from the bus stop, at the train station I closed my eyes and wound it back a little more and started to have weird memories, after I finished winding it I kept my eyes closed and I felt shit move it was like I was traveling through time, I open my eyes I was in a room floating through spacetime, it had furniture from the 50’s including a black and white tv that had that noisey thing you get when you don’t have a signal, anyways my father walks into the room through the door, and asks me what the hell i’m doing, i try to explain it to him and i say something that i’ll keep track, he then shows me a complex unsolved physics theorem and says that I haven’t been able to solve it because its wrong because its too complex, he then leaves the room and everything disappears,

which leads me to this moment now…I just woke up from my dream to post about my stupid dream about me traveling through time so that I can change my stupid pants for a job interview.

moral of the dream i guess don’t worry about getting do overs being that what seems important to you at time can actually be merely inconsequential and minor, having very little effect on the causality of big events being that your perception and experiences are limited, therefore stop trying to control every minor thing of it will not change the outcome of big events it will only lead to more choas…

i’m going to poop now… brb


I hope your poop went ok.

I usually get random deja Vu type shit. Can’t really explain it. Beyond that, it’s usually action movie stuff. I’ll have 2 or 3 “scenes” play out but not associated with each other. I don’t have them as much anymore though. Possibly due to me turning the TV off when I sleep? No idea.

But the one that always pops up, easy to remember is a messed up on. At least one that went deeper than I’ve had happen.

I remember a dream where a girl and I were being chased next to this Creek. The cabin had all windows towards the wooded Creek and we watched this dude run up like a raving lunatic. Once he entered the cabin I magically had a pistol and out a hole in his chest. I remember thinking this is messed up. Looking at the hole as his shirt was a button up and only half buttoned. Then I woke up.

Oh and then there is the random Aphex Twin one where he was doing a house show, I got to meet him and then he left the party in a forest green Honda Accord. The end.

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i trained myself to lucid dream many years ago. it was one of the best things ive ever done for myself.
now i can fly and all sorts of shit, even wake myself up on command.


I have such mundane dreams. Going to the market, cleaning up the house, fishing, walking the dog, tending a fire, swimming.

Only strange thing is many of them are not me. I’m not me and they may be far in the past, some maybe in the future, I may be a kid, a woman, sometimes not sure if I’m even human.

Be more interesting if anything interesting ever happened. But I usually wake up, ‘ehh, swimming in the kelp forest…again.’

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I’ve had many lucid dreams… but I can’t make it happen. I’m a lways able to control it for a few seconds… not likely a full minute… and then I wake up.


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i cant guarantee i can make it happen every time. first i have to recognise that it is a dream. that is the hard bit.


I have the opposite problem -
I can successfully wake up before my body, causing a feeling of paralysis and panic. Not on command. My dreams are also very mediocre as of late. Like, I order a sandwich, it’s not what I ordered, but I eat it anyways to avoid confrontation. Then I take a call I don’t really want to take, nothing happens but I question why I pick the phone up. Then, I actually wake up to a call I don’t really want to take and then go get a sandwich and eat it even though it’s not what I ordered, because I don’t like the confrontation.

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fuck i dreamt of idmf, for some reason xnoisex, and relic showed up at my house so that we could take a road trip to drive down to texas to bail out nostromer who was in jail for something…next thing I knew they stole my car put me in the trunk and drove to LA and then my dream cuts to me and nostromer conducting a 60 minutes type recruitment interview explaining to me idmf’s plan to put sleeper agents all over the world…and but this interview turned out to be some skit on the ellen degeneres show wtf lol?

has to be the most ambitious crossover event in history


Texas is where it’s at. :sunglasses:. After that, you were put in a trunk and smuggled to LA.

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I only ever remember dreams when I’m like already half awake…going in and out of sleep and half sleep…and it usually ends up with me waking up in a panic and feeling weird for like two hours…

…So this JUST happened to me (yea I’m a lazy cunt and got up at 11:30am on a Sunday lmao)…

I think the dream started out with me driving a vehicle and trying to follow my brother in another vehicle down a really dark road to a party at his house. The road turns out is actually one I drive on regularly. Awake me is thinking, oh great car dreams always end with an accident when I fly through the air and wake up before the splat. Somehow that didn’t happen this time.

We got somewhere and a bunch of shit happened and the dream morphed and I don’t remember some of it. Eventually it became like a movie plot "spunky rebel teens versus the rich establishment in a nature based tourist town. It became a lot of me running through people’s houses stealing stuff, but this was somehow all about saving these wild horses and the land they lived on. At one point I’m running around barefoot asking everyone for shoes. I’m going through people’s house looking for shoes and stealing other stuff right in front of them and they are surprised but not surprised.

Suddenly I’m begging for shoes in the middle of heavy traffic in a city. Somehow I know it is Dayton, OH where I hang out fairly often. I get a pair of shoes, but the guy that gives them to me crashes his car into a building and almost kills me.

After this, we all go to a big table on the sidewalk outside a restaurant near the crash and its at this point I decided to get up because I’m just fucking done with the madness lol.

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My freshmen year roommate in college was working on this the whole year we stayed in the dorm together. He was on the top bunk and I’m on the bottom. One night he starts just punching the shit out of his mattress until I woke up and its like…somehow he knew I was awake. He goes “HEY! HEY!” and he reaches his arm down to where I can see is hand while laying down and asks me “Does this radio look thin to you?” Then he just went back to sleep.

I was so freaked out I slept on a couch in one of the common rooms the rest of the night lmao.


my wife does things like that in her sleep, and she talks a lot too, its hilarious what people come out with in their sleep

My girlfriend woke me up not long ago making weird noises like she was trying to talk or something. The next day she told me she was having dreams of being chased by demons and she was trying to scare them away by signing religious songs lmao.

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I dreamt about thanoas invading NYC with a Chita urine army and then everyone singing rems it’s the end of the world as you know it in order to summon an aeon from final Fantasy x to fight thanor and the chitauri army

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Hahaha wise woman! :slight_smile:

I like recurring dreams because they seem so mysterious.

I’ve been having a dream for the past 3-5 years that I’m living in this gigantic maze of a mansion (which was converted from a luxurious hotel into a livable house, presumably by the way the first floor looks), but I get psychosomatic problems when I go into some of the tiny rooms on the first floor because I’m convinced they’re haunted despite no evidence of anything paranormal happening.

Then the upstairs is like it’s own bizarro world. Not only do I sense ghosts and general creepy feelings when I’m walking around the corridors late at night (even though it’s clearly not actually haunted), but there are staircase mazes and crazy shit that structurally lead to what looks like attic after attic, as evidenced by what I can see during the day when the sun is shining and I’m not as scared of ghosts and shit.

There even used to be a pinball room with shag carpeting that I can’t seem to find anymore, although there’s still a gigantic theater somewhere on the hotel floor near the lobby. It’s always empty, but I find crazy props and suits lying around when I’m checking out the backstage portion of it.

Last night I got to see the lobby up close for the first time, and even slept in a gigantic room right next to it. It seemed less haunted than normal which makes me wonder what the hell these dreams are for.

TL;DR: I dream about this huge house all the time, it’s crazy! You guys should see it

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A recurring dream i dreamt that I was driving home from hospital and as I was about to turn there was a shootout down the blockids with the cops, I casually drive around the shootout… next dream I was getting around on a razor scooter traveling home after visiting the hospital again the same shootout but this when I enter a building to avoid it I notice a lot of people wearing the same colors, I quickly go to the parking lot and I encounter some guy and proceed to duel him mma style…so yea

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Do you play a lot of GTA? Going to the hospital and other GTA stuffs. :grin:

Not really for some reason it reminded me of the terminator meets robocop