Post the dreams that you remember having


I was in a pub quiz, and they asked me what the capitol to a certain country was.
I didn’t know, but I knew I didn’t know, so figured the quiz official wouldn’t know either since this was a dream, and the only bank of knowledge he’d have access to was my own head. So I pretended I did know and “lucid dreamed” that the answer was Oslo.,

The plan worked and I got the question “right”, but the dream ended shortly after.


So, I think I mentioned this before in this thread, but wanted to bring it up again specifically. So, when you all are dreaming and get woken up suddenly in the middle of a dream do you have like a weird kind of anxiety for a while afterwards? If I’m deep in a dream and get woken up suddenly I’ll have both physical and mental anxiety attack symptoms for up to two hours or a little more afterwards.

I do experience anxiety symptoms on and off but rarely have proper panic attacks (like once or twice a year) so dunno what that might have to do with it.

Anyone also experience this or prolonged anxiety symptoms due to dreaming?


I don’t when I wake up I just want to remember a dream or see what happens, I enjoy my dreams it’s better than watching tv


Good to hear! It really fucks w the first part of my day. Lol


Shit, I posted my epic six-dreams-within-dreams log that I made on the old IDMf, and it looks like I accidentally deleted that file after a search (but I have a Kirby’s Dream Land rom hidden somewhere on my PC :stuck_out_tongue: ), so I’ll repost it here for archival purposes tomorrow, as well as the time I suffered from sleep deprivation and had waking dreams.

I’m basically posting this as a reminder to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

The night before that epic dream, I had a dream where I was in a coliseum defending Tom Cruise against a horde of armored nights by stabbing them in their eye slits with a long pike while he fought against a giant dragon, slit its belly open and crawled inside to retrieve a giant pearl he needed to release his love from a sleeping spell all while epic choir-filled music was playing.

I used to do what I call “dream surfing” during that moment between being awake and falling asleep and recall dreams that I’ve had since childhood but can’t really remember when I’m awake. I haven’t done it for a while now, because I usually just immediately fall asleep when I go to bed.

Otherwise my dreams of late have just been normal dreams about my mind reminding me of my anxieties - Here’s a dream where all your friends are ignoring you. Here’s a dream where your son turns into a cloud and blows away between your fingertips, here’s a dream where you fuck up at work, etc. The good news is that they no longer affect me when I wake up.

Anyway, I think dreams are awesome and something not many people talk about enough.


Anxiety type dreams, not really. Not that I can remember anyway. In fact, the main reason I get anxious is because I over sleep and need to be up early or at work already. Those kill me.

I’m sure we’ve all had dreams where later, and randomly, they seem like deja vu moments. But for me it is monotonous type shit.

Most of my stuff is super awesome movies playing through my sleep. The ones where you wake up and try to get back to sleep to pick up where you left off or even try to explain how awesome it was to a other person but forget. I can remember vague things like I’m fighting aliens or doing some horror/survival type stuff. Pew pew…

However, I’m not entirely sure how much of those epic dreams end up being a mix of sounds from tv and/or music playing in the background while I sleep.

Like @Vlantis talking about Tom Cruise and a dragon makes me think about the movie Legend, not fully but in general. The music in there is pretty good too.


I can vouch for this being a thing. I’ve been using noise to sleep for the past 10 years instead of movies and music and there’s a huge difference


Just a rehash of what I experience in daily life


Ditto. A few abstract elements were thrown in but it was like my brain’s mirror image of my current reality


my dreams are getting really boring now I think im over the peak of creativity in my life.

last night I was in a branch of the cooperative (small supermarkets in the UK). there were long queues to the till and nobody could get served so eventually we all sat down on all these chairs and tables that materialised. we were all talking to each other and getting on like a house on fire whilst all holding stuff like bread and eggs (no baskets around for some reason). Then I make a joke about how are we all going to remember our place in the queue and everybody suddenly gets up and starts scrambling back to the tills and I scream FUCKIT LETS GO ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN and we all steal our shopping and get in the lift back up to street level

its an underground coop

the end


Dream I had.

People at my job were outside my house engaging in various acts of hedonism…it was like a food fight/orgy. Somebody called the cops and everyone was thrown in jail even the eyewitnesses. Everyone was stuck in a jail cell with one working toilet and no toilet paper. Whilst In jail people tried holding their bowels and It got wierd like a fart in the elevator kinda weird. The holding of their bowels started to make them crack psychologically and quickly turned into some lord of the flies type shit.

I woke up when I couldn’t hold my bowels anymore.

End of dream.


Another dream.

I was in restraints with my mouth gagged and I got cockslapped repeatedly by Ron Jeremy and Joey buttafuco.


Had a dream where i was in high school with Jason Biggs who was so in love with Anna Nicole Smith…Jason was so in love like jealous psycho stalker kind of love and the fucked up thing was that Anna Nicole was into that. And Jason Biggs wanted to fight me cause he though Anna Nicole liked me better…so at lunch I approached them both and gave them a strap on dildo…Jason Biggs got super mad but Anna Nicole got horny and started fucking Jason Biggs in front of me in the cafeteria. And I walked away.

End of dream.


Dreams can be so bizarre can’t they!

A few of particular note come to mind, in the order they happened.

First one:
I was 4, the first real intense dream I had where I can still remember salient flashes – sounds a bit weird at first, but it’s not what you think! I was laying in bed, when a bald man in Egyptian attire entered the room. He approached me an breathed into me ear, which transported us, flying over egypt. Except, he’d transformed into the boy king, and he was holding my hand flying me across the nile and over pyramids of Giza.

My Mum recounted to me how I began singing a song: “I can see the pyramids from across the water.” I also began drawing pictures of pyramids and Egyptian homes and got a little obsessed with it. It remained to be a bit mystical to me throughout my life.

Second one:
By far the most vivid and deep dream I’ve ever had – I woke up feeling disconnected from myself, it was so surreal – I was 11 or 12 at this point (you can really see the influence of movies on my imagination here haha).

All of a sudden, I became aware I was in a place. I looked at my arms, I had the arms and body of a grown man, say of 40 years. I was with some other explorers, and we were inside huge cavern, like a hemisphere. There was light just emanating from the walls, illuminating the cavern. There were many small stone houses, dilapidated, roofs collapsed, grey stones sinking into the layer of earth over the eons.

We walked down a central path to a corridor at the end. A long downward tunnel to the edge of a mountain – we were inside the mountain all along. There was an old 18th or 19th century structure made of iron girders, in an inset shaft carved into the side of the mountain, going down to the bottom. We climbed precariously down, and made it, exiting in the base of a valley.

In the valley was a village. So cliche, there was a wise old man whom we spoke with. We inquired about something we were looking for, can’t remember what exactly. He took us to the other side of the mountain, at its base. There was an opening, a short, 1m corridor into the rock, leading to a cavern. He said, so cliche, “here is as far as I can take you…” and left us there.

We entered the cavern, a dim glow of sunlight through the corridor just subtly illuminating the wall to the right as you enter. It was huge, tall and deep: the wall was covered in inscriptions. Inset into the wall was a staircase that appeared to go on forever, the torchlight revealed no bottom.

I can’t remember the details, but I knew in the dream what we were searching for. Some sort of mystical inner earth. I called down into the stairs, and up roared a bellow of air – a force picked us up, levitating in suspension beside the dry leaves that had made their way in.

Something from deep within the earth spoke up, and probed us for our intentions. It wasn’t a voice in sound, but something that seemed to speak to us from within.

After learning of our wish to explore this place and learn what lies within, we were told we were not ready to learn what we were seeking, and were gently lowered to the ground.

Then the dream ended.

Third one:
This one is a bit of an odd recurring dream I’ve had recently. One time it happened 6 times in the same month. I don’t remember dreams as well as I used to, probably because I smoke a lot of weed.

I’d just wake up with disconnected images of some crazy adventure, and the only thing of significance I remembered was the recurring element.

I’d end up in some house through some convoluted story, and then I’d find this hidden away little door. This door would be some dark crawlspace that I could get inside. It’d be dark and scary, but when I crawled through, I’d end up inside another room.

But this room was not in the same building, instead I’d end up in an infinitely large building. I’d leave the room, and go into the corridor – nothing by more corridors and rooms in every direction, like that entire universe was just an eternally extant block of flats.


@relic - It’s not when it’s disrupted, per se, but in certain of the more mind-bending or intense dreams, I’ll wake up feeling very disconnected and dissociative, to the point of feeling a little psychotic.

Mind you, since the acid, I have periods where I feel similarly dissociated/disconnected/outside-myself at random points in the day.

But certain dreams definitely trigger it.

Perhaps pertinent: I used to feel very anxious in those moments, but now I’ve experienced it so much, it’s just a normal part of experience and I just accept it and carry on. Most of the time I’ll forget about it and the next moment I become self-conscious I feel normal again.

It’s weird isn’t it.


Had a dream where i was a tv producer holding auditions for the reality show the bachelor. I had to chose between rush limbaugh, eliot rodger, trump, bill clinton, tucker carlson, and hunter biden. They started dueling each other. While they fought i casted batman for one season and thor for the following season.


Had a dream where i was on the joe rogan podcast and rogan threw trumps loaded diaper in my face.