Post the dreams that you remember having


I was in a pub quiz, and they asked me what the capitol to a certain country was.
I didn’t know, but I knew I didn’t know, so figured the quiz official wouldn’t know either since this was a dream, and the only bank of knowledge he’d have access to was my own head. So I pretended I did know and “lucid dreamed” that the answer was Oslo.,

The plan worked and I got the question “right”, but the dream ended shortly after.


So, I think I mentioned this before in this thread, but wanted to bring it up again specifically. So, when you all are dreaming and get woken up suddenly in the middle of a dream do you have like a weird kind of anxiety for a while afterwards? If I’m deep in a dream and get woken up suddenly I’ll have both physical and mental anxiety attack symptoms for up to two hours or a little more afterwards.

I do experience anxiety symptoms on and off but rarely have proper panic attacks (like once or twice a year) so dunno what that might have to do with it.

Anyone also experience this or prolonged anxiety symptoms due to dreaming?


I don’t when I wake up I just want to remember a dream or see what happens, I enjoy my dreams it’s better than watching tv


Good to hear! It really fucks w the first part of my day. Lol


Shit, I posted my epic six-dreams-within-dreams log that I made on the old IDMf, and it looks like I accidentally deleted that file after a search (but I have a Kirby’s Dream Land rom hidden somewhere on my PC :stuck_out_tongue: ), so I’ll repost it here for archival purposes tomorrow, as well as the time I suffered from sleep deprivation and had waking dreams.

I’m basically posting this as a reminder to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

The night before that epic dream, I had a dream where I was in a coliseum defending Tom Cruise against a horde of armored nights by stabbing them in their eye slits with a long pike while he fought against a giant dragon, slit its belly open and crawled inside to retrieve a giant pearl he needed to release his love from a sleeping spell all while epic choir-filled music was playing.

I used to do what I call “dream surfing” during that moment between being awake and falling asleep and recall dreams that I’ve had since childhood but can’t really remember when I’m awake. I haven’t done it for a while now, because I usually just immediately fall asleep when I go to bed.

Otherwise my dreams of late have just been normal dreams about my mind reminding me of my anxieties - Here’s a dream where all your friends are ignoring you. Here’s a dream where your son turns into a cloud and blows away between your fingertips, here’s a dream where you fuck up at work, etc. The good news is that they no longer affect me when I wake up.

Anyway, I think dreams are awesome and something not many people talk about enough.