Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


Did you walk through the cold air, freezing breath on a window pane?


That is stunningly beautiful… more please…


Ah, forgive me, I saw Vans, cutoff skate shorts, and a trombone. I’m not even bummed I was wrong, killer keyboard work there.


Check the LB. :wink:


Damn, I need to try that… using your pic, that is


Is this what identity theft feels like? I don’t have enough credit to know.


I was sitting in the dentist chair for about an hour waiting on the doctor, naturally that was the signal to bust out a fekn selfie

I was sitting like this for nearly an hour, watching Big City Greens on a tiny tv almost 9 feet above me.




I swear that this little ball of fur can smile


fuck this


I must have missed something. :stuck_out_tongue:




Either someone just joined the Hives or a bank’s about to lose some greenbacks.


Downtown Portsmouth,looking at you looking at me.


Hey! @Rixtr… Unlike the rest of us… you look amazing,y like your Avatar!



what’s up errybody.

this is me looking at idmf with my blue blocking glasses on so as to not upset my circadian rhythm.

PS sorry for the awful quality. I don’t have a smart phone and this was taken on my old ass laptop. But it does give an accurate representation of what you’re dealing with whenver i’m on the boards.



Explains a lot :sunglasses:


At my cousin’s wedding. Which was nicely casual.


diggin the psychedelic vibes created by your arm/shirt.


Here i am Relaxing in the back 40