Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


WE are not alone


These were the trees we were looking for.


I almost missed the shop, but between your glasses frame and your face is totally different from the Pennywise background…

I love old IT, haven’t seen the new one yet. Is the new one as good? How much does it change?


nice spot i missed it,
i liked the new one.the 2nd one is out now i believe




this is what idmf is all about


Adding to the arm. Trilobite!


More halloween photos!!

Mine wasn’t too great this year. We like to have a family theme and my kid was indecisive. We ended up doing Star Wars ones and I was trying to look like an Old Republic jedi. Used some motocross armor. Should have painted it but this was a pretty quick throw-together.




You’re so cool and you don’t look at the camera. :grin::grin::wink:


Welcome to Vlantis. One of the biggest losses from the old forums was years of the life of Vlantis in photos.


Nice rocks, some hidden.


Good photog buddy of mine snapped this. I have the worst beard in the world. Need to cut this shit off. I miss my hair. I’m a wreck. But hey - it’s recent!


ahh so close @nostromer


Bahahaha, Fuck I need to take some more shots and edit something like this for a cover. amazing


Get yourself some pearl snaps and bell bottoms and you’re set.

Pointed boots too.


Must have elvis collars and sideburns!


I’d definitely die on the shitter for that kind of look any day


Embryos Bros


My friend snapped this pic. I wish there was an image of how high we actually were and what we were looking at. This is me trying to keep somebody who is deathly afraid of heights calm during a full blown panic attack. :stuck_out_tongue: