Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


I cut all my fuckin hair off. :X


Hair migration. Time to grow out some facial hair.


Hanging out with @Lug


Holy shit, he’s still in the US?


hell yeah, two more weeks here in Chicago and I’m going back to France. We had fun doing super loud karaoke at @Vlantis’ house (if I ever thought I would do this in my lifetime)


I’m just stating facts, but I’m guaranteed an extra 2-3 likes on instagram if I put myself in the picture with my synth, and I’ve gotten random follows for going shirtless. I can only wonder at how far nudes would get me…

Also @Roo_Stercogburn you can see some more of my star wars lego in this XD


Mmm sandcrawler! :slight_smile:



Holy shit, it’s Selfie-Jesus!


Marching in the parade today.

Let’s get it


Punk rockin’




Gotta love a studio that has fishing poles and bicycles … talk about experimental!

Brings new meaning to the term Garage Band :beers:


On a boat cruising on a canal somewhere in Germany. Nice way to escape the hest


Its heat auto H E A T (heavily accented italian)
nice hat i have one just like it!
good taste my man.have lots o fun in deutchland , however its spelled.
Peace man!


Ooooh Vienna…

Not judging, just sayin’.


isn’t that the same hat Hannibal Lecter wore? Should we be worried?




He’s having an old friend for dinner.


Guys I’m close to flagging your posts for moderation.
Stop mocking me for the hat.
Stop mocking me for the awkward sly smile.
Stop mocking me for causing a suspicious boat accident.
The bbq was delicious btw.