Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)



Winner here


I’m so gratified I deleted “the hat pic”, and cleared deleted items folder after that


Did I do it right?


Did you just post a recent photo of yourself taking a recent photo of yourself taking a recent photo of yourself?


My kid was a little scared.


i think this was on a sunday… always running around with those headphones, almost 24/7 :hear_no_evil:


Another settlement needs our help! I’ll mark it on your map!


Ethiopian Poisonous Caterpillar



Bad hair decisions while stoned for the first time in months…


Heh, I was thinking it would be like Troll brightly colored. Doesn’t look bad.


That guy on the right looks familiar. But with more hair and overalls.


If I bleached it first it would look trolldoll for sure. My dishwater blonde hair takes a lot of Manic Panic colors in cool ways. It is also hard to get a good shot–it is pretty purple, but hard to get the light right. It ends up a “natural purple” if one can imagine such a thing.


it is pretty purple, but hard to get the light right. It ends up a “natural purple” if one can imagine such a thing.

Purple hair unite! I keep putting purple overtone/uv purple manic panic in my hair, but the vibrancy doesn’t usually last too long cause I wash my hair too much.


My suggestion with Manic Panic:

  1. dedicate a night to doing it.
  2. shampoo your hair like 2-3 times in a row before you start to damage it on purpose.
  3. blow dry the shit out of your hair, literally until it steams, 5-6 times through out the night
  4. leave it in overnight and wash it out in the morning.
  5. if you mix some of the MP in with some of your conditioner that can help “revive” it on days you want it brighter.

for bonus points and dedication–just get like 2-3 similar colors and color your hair like every two weeks. My personal favorite has been a combo of pill box read, rock n roll red and plum whatever I mentioned earlier. the other thing is though, if you are going to damage your hair enough to color it every two weeks, you owe it to your hair to get a good shampoo and conditioner. Alternatively, get into a cycle of only washing your hair like every 3-4 days. Personally, I prefer to spend the money on better hair products.

Ok, know everyone knows I’m vain AF about my hair…


I stopped using sulfate shampoos, silicone conditioners, and hair dryers a few months ago, and my hair went from a ball of frizz to starting to form waves, but some times it feels kind of greasy after a week or so…

That’s when I whip out the more heavy of the purple shampoo and have a go at it, cause it has sulfates in it.

Basically, I’d love more vibrant hair, but I’m trying to have it relearn where the curl patterns are so that I don’t have limp straight hair with random corkscrew curls creating insane looking vertical frizz. LMAO


the struggle is real man lol…I’ve tried all kinds of shit too, feel like I’ve finally found a good balance.


Dying my hair black/blue for 6 months totally destroyed it haha. I need to cut it all off and restart … It used to be like a foot longer. That Dye is tough.


i dyed my hair gray at the know for that “distinguished” look.
(quietly slinks away) :grinning:


Grandparents came up and visited my new house. haven’t seen them for 8 years so it was a really awesome time