Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


Throwback to 2005. I still play in the same black metal band to this day, haha. 3rd album is coming out soon actually. I miss my kvlt blunder years.


Pretty bad-ass!


Man, I miss my black/blue hair. It was pretty gay/cool. Still trying to repair my hair two years later from all that dye though. Shit is awful.


Didn’t happen. I went out on the town and got pics, but I cut that fucking thing off beforehand. :stuck_out_tongue:


rip vlantis’ lip caterpillar


hmmm …lol…needs elvis side burns with that=instant 70’s pornstar!
cue chucka chucka chucka guitar.


Guess who’s got an Omnichord until Tuesday? :grin:

Haven’t played anything live in years. Still dipping my toes in and learning the ins and outs of this thing.

It wasn’t amped when this was recorded, but it is now. :heart:


does that thing have surround sound?


Not sure. I only have it in a cruddy amp at the moment. Still getting the feel before trying to get it to run through my PC and into my proper speakers. That will be tomorrow’s project. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaa…I remember those. Had one at my mom’s church. We always got yelled at for playing Misfits on it.


I just had nostalgic feelings hearing the preset bossanova beat, playing on my old Casio piano was a lot of fun. That looks fun too!


I was offered one for twenty bucks in the mid-90’s. The guy said it sounded like somebody peeing.

I didn’t buy it it because I thought it sounded like a shitty Casio keyboard.

It’s lovely. :heartbeat:


Lol…someone just released a Casio Sk-1 iOS app…if I had more money/room/time Id fuxt with all the old shittiest synths…


Starting to get the hang of this (last thing I’ll post about it. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Me in camping mode last summer


I was prepared to give you some trash about performance on that thing… but instead you SLAYED me!

Definately coveting what is yours…

And I want my old Casio back too! :sob:


Wedding anniversary today! Hitting a cool Irish bar before some dank Persian food.





got’dang too much sexy up in here!