Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


So my special lady friend bought this redonkulous overstuffed hoodie that makes you a foil wrapped baked potato…




Stayed home sick today, just having some late lunch and trying to work on some tunes.


Hey, me too! (Freakin’ migraine) I’m about to put together a collage.


Recording acoustic guitar is on the menu tonite


This one looks more ominous than it needs to be. It’s just some margs, man.


Here’s a picture of me from 4 years ago, today. I actually bought that shirt from someone on IDMF. I think it was the guy with the dope ass beard and nose piercing, I forget his name he was cool af tho.


Hanging with my lizard for a while


That must have been Ghyt. Septum piercing, to be precise. :stuck_out_tongue: Certainly looks like a shirt he’d like. :smile:

Me and my friend’s dog. I love this freakin’ dog:


His new user name is oly.
I have the exact same shirt, only in light blue.
I love it and wear it all the time. I absolutely love how there is a butt shot on the back of the shirt. It’s perfect.


ontw to work. Stupid Mondays


Do you know if he still sells them? I swam with mine like a month after i got it like a dumbass and the print got ruined cuz i didnt wash it right away.



Gawd that looks like 2006 in my school’s computer lab.


Lol. It is some goofy, free camera app


I really don’t know. IIRC he was using one of those online t-shirt companies and they had the design archived, but i wouldn’t know if there was an expiration date on each design. Maybe reach out to him? Search user Oly, and maybe send him a message.

message him there


feels happiest when random people leave me be

spends the last day getting my picture taken by random people because they apparently don’t remember what a freakin’ sweet mustache looks like



God damn


And people say I want to be the savior of the forum, my God that stasch owns the site entirely


Gonna go out on the town tomorrow and get some pics of my own. :stuck_out_tongue: