Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


I love Kurt Russel. My favorite video game character was based off his character in the Escape movies. Old ladies always say i look like Kurt Russel which I’m 100% ok with! My hair does that weird middle part thing sometimes too that his hair does haha. I should die it black and dress up as Snake Pliskin.


I guess me and RB are besties now ? :stuck_out_tongue:




ask and you shall receive :slight_smile:


You need to go all the way with this ensemble. Buy a fucking eye patch.



wut what happened?


Appendicitis. Apparently it was right on the verge of rupturing.

My surgery scars look pretty metal though




dude! gnarly. At least you caught it before it ruptured… fuck man. take it easy!


Not me, but, my dog is quite in love with her new “couch” I bought from a local artist today.


I have polemons too!

The top one loves his new couch a little too much if you’d ask me


Haha couch rats! too cute. We should have a post photos of your pets thread, haha


Having coffee.



lol I fucking knew it was 6 dollar shirts…fucking love that site…except since I"m a fatty it is more like $9 shirts…



This is me


oh hello there))


Recent pic of a newly upgraded me. She still has to go over some of the black. Not a cover up, just a plan that was stalled for some time.


Getting a new tattoo on Wednesday, can’t wait…