Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


Dignified erotic photos are possible. Lol


I moderate several FB groups and it just means you kick out spammers. That’s it.


I hosted my usual birthday karaoke party last night. It was a success! Typical photo of my friends and i getting into shenanigans.


Happy Bday! Looks like a blast. We havent gone out to karaoke in forever. I think I literally have everything to do it at home except the music.


I just plug my laptop through the TV and blast YouTube karaoke vids (with an add blocker) through my modest audio setup. Never fails!


Oh damn. I didn’t know there were YouTube karaoke videos. Well shoot, I’m definitely going to look into this.


Yeah here’s a shot where you can see the TV. My friend took this right as a flash was going off, so I thought it looked cool lol.


Cool! I will definitely look into this…we always end up running into a problem with local karaoke venues…


Here’s an unintentional photo recreation that took place today:

^An old photo of me eight years ago back in my Japan days doing a quick run through of Super Mario World.

^A photo taken today when I stopped by my friend’s house and ran through the game again when it was too fucking cold to go outside lol!


Replaced the pads and did a deep clean on my headphones tonight, listening test says all is well, just need to break these pads in.



What !!! it’s the first thing that felt off her wardrobe !!! it’s freezing out there :wink:


Picture my boss took of me at my day job. I install custom audio for Harley’s and other motorcycles. This bike got a 12" Sub, 2 6x9" Mids, 4 tweeters, and 2 6" cones. runs a 700W amp and a 900W amp as well as a DSP

Figured some of you hardware geeks would like this!


From a show Friday night in Green Bay. That place sucks. Show was fun though, nice people, great bands. Ghetto town.


                                                 cemetery at middle of the night


It’s been a while. Good to see the forum is still kickin’




A wild @Vlantis appears.



ayyyy poppy :blossom: