Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


Dignified erotic photos are possible. Lol


I moderate several FB groups and it just means you kick out spammers. That’s it.


I hosted my usual birthday karaoke party last night. It was a success! Typical photo of my friends and i getting into shenanigans.


Happy Bday! Looks like a blast. We havent gone out to karaoke in forever. I think I literally have everything to do it at home except the music.


I just plug my laptop through the TV and blast YouTube karaoke vids (with an add blocker) through my modest audio setup. Never fails!


Oh damn. I didn’t know there were YouTube karaoke videos. Well shoot, I’m definitely going to look into this.


Yeah here’s a shot where you can see the TV. My friend took this right as a flash was going off, so I thought it looked cool lol.


Cool! I will definitely look into this…we always end up running into a problem with local karaoke venues…


Here’s an unintentional photo recreation that took place today:

^An old photo of me eight years ago back in my Japan days doing a quick run through of Super Mario World.

^A photo taken today when I stopped by my friend’s house and ran through the game again when it was too fucking cold to go outside lol!