Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


Hello, ladies, gentlemen and others.


Not to be a creep, but i do appreciate a good cosplay. A lot of effort goes into those and theyre all so awesome.


I’m not doing anything else tonight.


I appreciate a good cat tree!


Going all black metal in Finland…


Also lost wiking helmet and dual axes methinks :smiley:


Took a trip to New Orleans with my ladyfriend.



I stole this fedora. I couldn’t resist the urge


I mean this in the most friendly way possible, but you look like a discount version of the Blues Brothers.


Woodland Hills, earlier today. No filters or anything - the secret ingredient is good natural light. Makes you look better and younger*

Hope you’re all having a great Zombie Jesus Easter Passover Whatever Sunday.

Be good to each other.

Life is short and wonderful and horrible and amazing and brutal and exciting and sad as fuck. Make the most of what you have. Tell your people you love them.

I love you guys - this is a beautiful little corner of the internet we have here :purple_heart::black_heart:

*(Yes, I need to shave, it’s just such a pain in the ass)

PS: for those who might be interested, my second album is done/pre-mastered. I will have it professionally mastered and then look for a label because I am terrible at promoting/marketing myself. I think it is pretty good though (much better than the 1st one, I’ve come a long way!) , so I want people to listen to it. That’s it :metal:


Hello Peons!