Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


When the school mascot fails the DARE program

(take that as a compliment lmao <3)


Hahahaha. Nah man. That’s bmfunny



Yo I got a Nostromo hat finally. Shit was overdue.

Inb4 “not a flatbill like Brett had in the movie”

Fuck flatbills I hate em THERE I SAID IT


Dude, I love the Deft Ones


Weird, I always pinned you as a cheerleading tranny. Nice.

On a side note; sick ass Silent Running poster – That film is an underappreciated cult classic. Douglas Trumbull was the bomb back in the day for SFX. Legendary. It’s too bad him and Jodorowsky didn’t get along or maybe he would have had more pull with getting his version of Dune made. (though it could be argued its best left unmade)


this is the face I make while soaking the dogs. As recent as it gets people.


Dude… is that shorts that match your shirt? Or just the shirt tail… no pants? :thinking:


Lol. It’s a skirt. I have matching bloomers, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, looks like I was gone for a year. What dafuq? Relic recognized me on a Dune Shiitposting group of all places. Wassup? I got this forum bookmarked now again.


Might be cute … without the hairy man spread…:scream:


Got that Violet Night Manic Panic…got a lil silver product in there too…


IDMF: Presenting you with the first teacher you don’t want to shoot.

lol just kidding, pass me my shotgun.


Lol. I am a huge dork in the classroom. Well really always…but I really shine it on for the youngin’s




Damn dude, you look like a mad scientist just before he loses it. Perfect for IDM basically.


Oh I’m pretty sure I have already lost it… :stuck_out_tongue:


This is an exciting thread. haha!

*Rocking the Telefon Tel Aviv shirt today.

**I lost more hair than I thought over the past few years…


Just checked them out - liking their stuff so far. Shall surely append them to my playlists!