Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


You look like a young acid pauli with that wild mop. nice



Damn that’s a lot of icing in that cup


It’s a frozen one. Good for 90 degree weather.


I got my first beard. No idea why, and I’m still not sure what to do with it, but there it is

  • 1: Name It.
  • 2: Bop it!
  • 3: Pull gently and repeatedly on your chin hair using your thumb and index finger to trick people into thinking that you’re thinking about something deep when you’re actually thinking about how exactly people get those little ships into bottles.
  • 4: Buy various products for it that you don’t need. It’s the thought that counts and [insert beard name here] knows it.
  • 5: When you’re ready to say goodbye to it, shave small parts away a day at a time and rock a different styles of facial hair each day until it’s gone (example sequence: beard -> muttonchops + goatee -> goatee -> fu man chu -> mustache). This is a great way to develop multiple personalities and disturb you loved ones.



Did you book your ticket to AmishCon 2021? I’ve heard this year got cancelled.


I’m not surprised, Amish cosplay is about as boring as it gets.