Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


Did you book your ticket to AmishCon 2021? I’ve heard this year got cancelled.


I’m not surprised, Amish cosplay is about as boring as it gets.





Hobo lunchin’


Me in my bear onesie and Giuliano


Which is which?





Why do I get the impression everyone here is some talented, cool-ass motherfucker whereas I’m the crazy hillbilly living in the sticks, obsessed with chopping up beats? :laughing:


I live in Akron, OH on the starting be rural side of town LOL.


Imposter syndrome. I’ve been offered mod status in the past and was like “wtf no way I’m not good enough” (among other things). And I gather people think I’m pretty good at least at the mastering end of things. IDK that that will ever go away, because at the end of the day we’re all just people.

The reminder that I tell myself when I start to feel that way is that EVERYONE has a smelly butthole. That’s my funny little way of remembering that we’re all human and they (whoever “they” may be) don’t have a perfect life either. And I have a little snicker every time I think it. I mean, just blurt that out loud in public somewhere…


I live in Arkansas, out on 130 acres of mostly undeveloped land. I’m like the definition of a hillbilly living in the sticks.

I used to be a cool-ass motherfucker, but I traded it for some piece and quiet.


Duuude. This is kinda my dream. My partner would hate it though lol. I don’t want to take care of a huge yard, but I could own some forest and have a looooooong driveway…

I’d also like to try living on Kelley’s Island on Lake Erie year round. They have to fly in supplies in the winter : )


It’s pretty amazing, not gonna lie. I grew up in cities, moved down south with my parents right before I finished high school, moved back to cities, got tired of it and came back ‘home’. Like, NYC is cool, but it’s not worth the cost of admission for me anymore - there’s always something to do or see, but shit’s so expensive and getting around’s such a hassle that I figured I’d try the other direction it’s been great.

Downsides: it’s 15 minutes to the closest retail establishment (gas station), 30 minutes to a Walmart and real restaurants, 45 minutes-1 hour to my office (depending on traffic), you can’t leave when it rains really long and hard or snows (fairly rare down here these days), internet is either incredibly shitty or incredibly expensive, you have to deal with being the last on the list for the power company during outages, you need to own a tractor-type thing to brush hog the yard (and be able to maintain/repair things like that lot of the time), and a whole host of other things. Also, it’s fucking hot down here and I don’t love the heat. But I have deer in my yard every morning. Totally makes up for it.

My wife works for the public school system so she has to “commute” (about 30-40 minutes) and she doesn’t love that. Even before COVID I was only in the office when I had to be, work remote otherwise, so it’s not a huge thing. Obviously there’s very different levels of rustic in between. I think it’s doable to find a bit of land to fence off and not move completely out in the sticks, but where I’m at works for me, at least for now. Wife wants to retire to the north of England or Ireland in a couple years, so maybe I’ll have one more move in me by then.


Ok, well now I feel less odd.


Look where i grew up ( till i was 10 ) :joy: this is a rural area, a 500 hundred people village lost in the mountains in France, near the Spanish border , 1 bar, 1 grocery, 1 d.i.y & that’s it :joy:

Then i moved to the Alps … ( till i was 20 )

Then, i moved to London, Paris ( where i passed my sound engineer diploma ), Marseille … ( till i was 35 )

& look where i live today …

You see :rofl:


Oh bro, I just turned 27 and I guess my investment broker has some matrix of age vs. investment value that I tipped over because I got an automated message saying I should make a will. I’m only 27, and now I have a freaking will that actually bequeaths my worldly possessions to people. WTF. Still kinda reeling from that one.

Suppose I should start paying attention to all those life insurance commercials too…


This might sound cynical from a young guy like you , 27 years old , you already have a will … on an other side, it’s pretty wise actually …


Since it has become the “where did you live thread” or something, my turn: born & lived in Lyon, France (salut à toi, compatriote @ACRE), moved to London, UK then had to stay in Melbourne, FL (urgh), then moved to Chicago and am now in L.A., it’s been 10 years.

I’ve certainly considered living in a place where one can buy a house - so tired of tiny apartments with a monthly rent that is double everybody’s house mortgage - so I may end up in PA (I have family on wife side living just above Philly). But it’s going to be rough leaving the city (and California), despite the fact the cost of life makes it worse here year after year.

That must suck. Planning on moving elsewhere?